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Posted: 12/21/2002 8:00:38 PM EDT
I'm putting together a post-ban and am torn between putting on a fixed position collapsed or a stubby stock. Anyone have one? How do you like your stubby stock?
Link Posted: 12/21/2002 8:06:12 PM EDT
I have a stubby stock on my AR. I combined it with a 3-way adjustable recoilpad from Accuracy Speaks. This allows me to use it as well as my Hobbit friends.
Link Posted: 12/21/2002 8:12:22 PM EDT
No, but I have a stubby di....


Link Posted: 12/21/2002 8:16:31 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/21/2002 8:17:05 PM EDT by SGB]
I put together a RRA upper lower with a Bushy 16" light weight barrel and entry stock. Fit's my 5' wife perfectly. Waaaaaaaay to short for me, but then I take a 34" sleave.
Link Posted: 12/21/2002 9:16:11 PM EDT
I originally had one on my .223 combined with the Bushmaster 3/4" extended buttplate - brought the OAL to about 8 1/2". I'm 5'11" at 215lbs, nose to charging handle was right on, didnt have to lean forward as I did with the A2.

I've since swapped it with a A1 length {which is 9 5/8" IIRC) and moved the Entry Stock with extended buttplate to the 9mm Oly/PWA rifle. Wife seems to like it as well, heck of a lot more comfortable when shouldering.

Heres a pic when it was on the .223 rifle (along with the extended buttplate)
Link Posted: 12/21/2002 9:18:32 PM EDT
I shot two different RRA M4orgeries with stubby stocks last weekend. While they were a little handier the the full length, they seem to be of limited application, but very fun and different none the less.

Link Posted: 12/21/2002 9:47:05 PM EDT
I would reccomend a good shooting platform of a std. A2 stock over the looks good platform of a non collapsing. The Entry stock is just for that when wearing tactical gear and nothing else.
Link Posted: 12/22/2002 2:32:52 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/22/2002 2:45:24 AM EDT by raf]
Link Posted: 12/22/2002 7:10:57 AM EDT
Raf makes a good point which I neglected to mention. The Bushy extension doesnt allow for a trapdoor cavity. The new buttplate uses an A1 length screw to secure it to the shorter buffer tube.

But hey, whos gonna bring an AR to a gunfight...especially when ya have an AK.
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