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Posted: 7/8/2003 6:24:55 AM EDT
Ok I am thinking of buying an sar-1 soon since century dissed. them but I want to know if there is a place where you can buy a noncollapsable m4 stock adapter I have seen guys with these before but where?
Link Posted: 7/8/2003 3:29:20 PM EDT
Can someone please help me!
Link Posted: 7/8/2003 4:00:27 PM EDT
Hmmm... I've never heard of that particular device, but maybe someone has, so consider this a bump.
Link Posted: 7/9/2003 3:53:37 PM EDT
Link Posted: 7/9/2003 4:12:26 PM EDT
Maybe here: www.riflestocks.com/index.html? Or close...
Link Posted: 7/9/2003 4:36:10 PM EDT
Sounds like a good idea, never seen one though.
Link Posted: 7/9/2003 5:04:57 PM EDT
Never heard of such a thing. It would be odd at the point of attachment IMO.

Anyone else seen this.

Link Posted: 7/9/2003 7:09:27 PM EDT
Never seen one.
Link Posted: 7/10/2003 2:41:30 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/10/2003 2:42:35 AM EDT by Ross]
YES! I've seen one! HA!

The one I saw was for a milled receiver. The guy I bought my pick-up truck (about as ugly as a certain S10) from built one for his MAK-90. He lived out in the sticks and didn't care what the law was about US parts. Oh well. Anyway, he just made a solid "buffer tube" with an oval on the end to fit in the milled receiver. He just made it out of a plastic block, used a lathe to round it off, then grinder, dremel and file to get the shape right. "cut to shape, file to fit, paint to match". You could probably just take a real AR buffer tube for a CAR and the front half of a stamped plastic stock and epoxy the two together. With the empty tube there would be all sorts of possibilities for storage, and reinforcing the joint.

So I don't know who sells them, but if this guy could make one, it can't be rocket science. I'm sure there's somebody doing it on a commercial scale.

Link Posted: 7/10/2003 7:44:54 AM EDT
Im going to contact Ace stock because I believe they have one!

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