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Posted: 7/6/2003 2:14:00 AM EDT
USO came to our location.....ya gotta admit they do it for the troops.....

(Mods, if these cross the line, please delete accordingly.)

Link Posted: 7/6/2003 2:26:25 AM EDT

Link Posted: 7/6/2003 2:27:44 AM EDT
Very nice of the USO, Allysa looks good !
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 3:39:53 AM EDT
Nice boobs!
Not so nice hairy arms =@(

I got a little video of her doing bad things............. wel actually "good" things.
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 3:57:16 AM EDT
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 5:32:35 AM EDT
She's a hottie!
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 5:37:05 AM EDT
hey Cixelsyd...would you put her 10 toes up in the hucklebuck?!
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 6:26:30 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/6/2003 6:28:15 AM EDT by QuietShootr]

edited to add..and that little hottie with the camera ain't bad either!
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 6:49:28 AM EDT
Nice nipple in the second pic
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 6:59:35 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/6/2003 7:02:00 AM EDT by photoman]
Did you guys see the spread in maxim with Alyssa tasty!

And as for this video......um can i get a copy of that.
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 7:16:50 AM EDT
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 7:45:58 AM EDT
Nice nipplage. That will certainly boost the troops moral.
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 7:59:31 AM EDT
any mod who deleted those is going to get his ass kicked back in our clubhouse!
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 8:14:51 AM EDT
dayyuum KF, nice stuff as usual
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 8:27:10 AM EDT
Recruiters should use those pics to lure in young men. Join the Army and meet people like this.


Link Posted: 7/6/2003 8:46:19 AM EDT
You guys just need to remember you saw it first on AR15.COM

The other board can talk about it.....but who the fuck delivers??? KF.....on AR15.COM

"soon to be redeployed"
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 9:42:43 AM EDT
God bless the United States of America and her wonderous natural resources.

(and those do appear to be natural resources...)

Link Posted: 7/6/2003 3:03:37 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/9/2003 7:15:17 AM EDT by cz75fan]
She's quite the "looker", but dang, from what I can see the photographer standing behind her don't look too shabby:) What is it about females in camos!!!!


Almost over the hill:(
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 3:56:24 PM EDT
Upon review - ah about 25 times. I'm offically in love. Me-ow!
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 6:44:03 PM EDT
they even made her a captain
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 6:52:51 PM EDT
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 6:58:07 PM EDT
Boob job. You can see the wrinkles in the bag in the 1st pic.

I'm not complaining though. Allysa has always been a hottie.
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 7:10:49 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/6/2003 7:12:06 PM EDT by SLoV]

whos the chica in the back? I like the looks of her better than Alyssa maybe.... as long as she ain't a buttaface :)

Link Posted: 7/6/2003 7:14:45 PM EDT
Allysa has a beautiful smile.
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 9:18:35 PM EDT
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 10:12:30 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/6/2003 10:13:17 PM EDT by underdog75]
KF, Your mission if you choose to accept it is....Stow away on her flight and send us more pics,In "compromising postions" if ya please.You would be doing your country and me a great service.............This post will self destruct in 10....9....8....
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 10:23:56 PM EDT

Originally Posted By bvmjethead:
Boob job. You can see the wrinkles in the bag in the 1st pic.

I'm not complaining though. Allysa has always been a hottie.

I've got the videos also and if you have broadband you need to install kazaalite and you can download them. The video comes from the movie she was in "Embrace of the Vampire" with nudity and sex scenes involving A.M..

The breasts are fake. She stated she was a late bloomer but she definately had the twins surgically enhanced. Though her mom files lawsuits against anyone who posts pictures of her, she did alot of nude photography for print in Europe. She just doesn't want anyone to see it now.

Still a hottie even if she is hairy.
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 10:50:39 PM EDT
Link Posted: 7/7/2003 3:10:09 AM EDT
Speaking of vids don't forget Poision Ivy 2. Not nearly as much nudity, but still some good shots of her.

Hmmmmm Me thinks I'm gonna warm up the DVD player.
Link Posted: 7/7/2003 3:20:54 AM EDT

Originally Posted By CAMPYBOB:
[shultze]i see nuthink!!![/shultze]

*pats CAMPYBOB on the head* Good boy
Link Posted: 7/7/2003 6:36:58 AM EDT
I see nip and her lights are ON.
Link Posted: 7/7/2003 12:16:00 PM EDT
Fine, super fine.
Link Posted: 7/8/2003 9:38:14 PM EDT
Link Posted: 7/8/2003 10:06:24 PM EDT

Originally Posted By sharky30:
they even made her a captain

Definitly hot, but what the hell is she doing with the rank?

Link Posted: 7/8/2003 10:31:10 PM EDT
I'd guess she got it from a fan, of whos rank it was. I have an ex that slept her way through the Army brass and made O3 by 28....in the engineers no less. And she was no where NEAR as hot as Alyssa.

One thing I dont get...why the boob job? I always thought small ones had an attraction all their own....
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