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Posted: 4/11/2006 11:11:22 AM EDT
www.gunclicks.com/blog says newbie SKS owners are the cause of the lack of Wolf ammo. It does say the market should return to normal soon, so there is a ray of sunshine coming through.

Link Posted: 4/11/2006 11:52:24 AM EDT

Originally Posted By NoFFL:
newbie SKS owners are the cause of the lack of Wolf ammo.

Now that is a great Sig line!!
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 12:00:36 PM EDT
i suppose i should have added "among other things" but at any rate, happy i could amuse
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 12:07:07 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/11/2006 12:10:40 PM EDT by Commando223]
It could be true, I know there is alot more shooters since the ban went down. I just thought it was so funny because a friend of mine is a newbie and wants to get a yugo sks.

I blame the WASR Bumpers
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 1:24:26 PM EDT
i blame all the kit builders!

Link Posted: 4/11/2006 1:42:07 PM EDT
The $180 I spent on my Yugo is the best thing I've bought for that price! ;) That's almost what a 2 stage trigger for an AR costs!
- Nealio
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 6:59:22 PM EDT
Makes some sense. It is a combo of everything. Lots of new rifles imported or being built, the war, and ammo hoards buying more ammo because of the shortage. From what I have seen though, the supply is still not catching up with the demand, and the demand just keeps climbing.
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