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Posted: 10/13/2003 12:22:31 PM EDT
I'm looking to buy a case of 1000rds, which round is the better choice for defense?
Link Posted: 10/13/2003 2:10:19 PM EDT
We have done two rounds of accuracy testing, disected bullets etc. We have found that the FMJ is a little more accurate. The HP does not appear to be made for any type of expantion, and is no more than the FMJ with the nose snipped off.

I would go with the FMJ. Both Wolf and Baranul are almost equal in this caliber in every way, with a slight edge to Barnaul......the difference was so close, that I would go with which ever brand is cheaper unless your rifle shows a definate preference for one type or another.

Be carfull, 5.45 does not break up on interior walls like 5.56 does.
Link Posted: 10/15/2003 2:52:58 PM EDT
Definitely concur with FMJ.

Dr. Fackler tested the 5.45 mil ball pretty thoroughly and was just starting tests on the commercial stuff when he retired. Initial testing of the the commercial hollow point indicated that it was totally, utterly worthless against biped mammals in the 50 kg - 100 kg range. It expands and stops at way to shallow a depth.
Link Posted: 10/16/2003 2:25:05 PM EDT
Thank you
Link Posted: 10/28/2003 11:21:36 AM EDT
I think that 5.45 HP sucks. My 74 won't feed it at all, and my Krink barely will. Almost every round jams into the breech face when feeding.

I fully believe that 74's were designed to feed the long pointed rounds, not FMJ's with the tips snipped off.
Link Posted: 10/28/2003 11:35:19 AM EDT
During our tests we did not notice any problems with the 5.45 HP with the exception of 1 RWS round as the last round of the day. Each rifle is different though.

The SP was very innacurate. Maybe it was due to the long jump to the lands. It does not look to be a quality round and would not be near a first choice for defence.
Link Posted: 10/29/2003 5:50:47 AM EDT
go with fmj,
barnal if you can
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