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Posted: 2/1/2006 3:17:12 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/1/2006 6:24:31 PM EDT by mcgrubbs]
Link Posted: 2/1/2006 4:06:28 PM EDT
Looks Outstanding!! How is the weight with everything on one side while shooting? Of course using the set up you have on the rifle pictured.
Link Posted: 2/1/2006 4:14:13 PM EDT
You reckon one could run dual Scouts with that sucker. Ya know two is one, one is none.

I'm thinkin maybe you can put the mount on the 6 o'clock rail and have one button activated by a knuckle and one with your thumb, that is if you don't like tape switches.
Link Posted: 2/1/2006 4:22:58 PM EDT
6 o'clock does sound like a good idea for the balance and using the buttons.
Link Posted: 2/1/2006 5:07:26 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/1/2006 6:02:58 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/1/2006 6:08:07 PM EDT by wes1]
Will other ring sizes be offered ? (Aimshot lasers and Surefire Executive Lights)
Link Posted: 2/1/2006 9:20:19 PM EDT
Tag, because I want one of these babies.
Link Posted: 2/2/2006 9:02:01 AM EDT
I guess I need a laser.
Link Posted: 2/5/2006 3:23:48 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/5/2006 3:25:02 PM EDT by 51RA]
In the first pic, I think i see some sort of QD swivel mounting point toward the rear of the rail.
Maybe larue is planning a slight change to their their rails??
Link Posted: 2/6/2006 7:26:17 AM EDT
Link Posted: 2/6/2006 8:56:32 AM EDT

Originally Posted By cowboy7242001:
Far out and groovy and everything....but flip the mount and flip the goodies. Laser in the 1ish position and light in the 3:00.

I think mcgrubbs is more than capable of determining the optimum set-up/orientation of components to do what he needs them to.

Besides, thats one of several neat features of the mount - it lets you set it up the way you, the user, wants it - you can even flip it to the other side for southpaws, and/or invert it to put the offset over the bore line, a la the M500.

Stay safe,
Link Posted: 2/6/2006 9:51:56 AM EDT
Link Posted: 2/6/2006 11:21:34 AM EDT
Link Posted: 2/6/2006 11:30:22 AM EDT
Link Posted: 2/6/2006 12:48:09 PM EDT
Wouldn't 6 be better then 3 and 9?
Link Posted: 2/6/2006 2:13:00 PM EDT
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Link Posted: 2/6/2006 2:17:28 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/6/2006 2:47:13 PM EDT
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