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Posted: 5/4/2003 11:37:22 AM EDT
Friend of mine just paid $70 for a Sterling 40 rnd steel AR mag at a gun show. The mag has not been used, but does show signs of being inserted into a rifle.

Sounds like a lot for one mag to me - did he get ripped or was it a good deal ?
Link Posted: 5/4/2003 3:04:59 PM EDT
Good deal, usually sell for $90 to $100 in that condition.
Link Posted: 5/4/2003 3:35:35 PM EDT
Thanks for the info, that should put a smile on his face :)
Link Posted: 5/4/2003 4:56:50 PM EDT
Could anyone tell me how much the 30 rnd Sterling steel mags go for now ? I have one in my safe somewhere !
Link Posted: 5/7/2003 9:10:25 PM EDT
Sterling 30rd mags can sell for $50 to $75 depending on condition. Almost all the Sterling 30rd mags were parkerized steel and a very small number were mfg of blued steel which I have some in my collection. Much like the Sterling 40rd mags the 30rd Sterling mags are scarce and sought after by the AR180 owners.
Link Posted: 5/8/2003 7:27:57 AM EDT
Can you Post a Couple Pictures of these Rare Magazines including the Floorplates so I can see what all the HYPE is about? Thanks..
Link Posted: 5/8/2003 9:50:30 AM EDT
If I can find my 30 rnd Sterling I will post pics. Not seen it for years though !
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 6:30:48 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/21/2003 6:31:26 PM EDT by gs430]
I was lucky enough to run into these mags a few years ago before the California Communist Ban went through. Got them for practically nothing (like $20 each). They were all in brand new condition but had some scuff marks from bulk storage so I had them all reparkerized and then I put some GF's in 'em...never used 'em though... Here's a picture for reference... [img]http://idisk.mac.com/gs430/Public/firearms/mags/sterling40mag.jpg[/img]
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