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Posted: 12/30/2005 7:06:48 AM EDT
I've been stocking up on the IMI 223, as well as Radway Green; both are roughly the same price at about $185 per 1k with shipping. I was just wondering if there is anything cheaper out there?

Link Posted: 12/30/2005 7:13:10 AM EDT
Link Posted: 12/30/2005 8:07:34 PM EDT
See the thread on the Lancer .223 bulk, sounds pretty good and is a little cheaper.

I also have some of the IMI .223, it's great ammo.
Link Posted: 12/30/2005 9:32:37 PM EDT
Try some Wolf. If it works in your guns you will have found the answer to your question.
Link Posted: 12/31/2005 9:17:57 AM EDT
For blasting, I use HSM reloads. ~$150/1k at the fun show.
Link Posted: 12/31/2005 12:56:58 PM EDT
The cheapest ammo i could think of was issued from the Gov. Free ammo is the cheapest.
Link Posted: 12/31/2005 1:50:47 PM EDT
Have you looked at Georgia-arms.com and selected their "Canned Heat"??

1,000 rounds goes for $160.

I've always had great experiences w/ their stuff (rifle and handgun ammo).

Link Posted: 12/31/2005 2:10:48 PM EDT
PMC stuff was about $160 for a case of 1000 at the local gun store. YMMV
Link Posted: 12/31/2005 2:15:23 PM EDT
Link Posted: 1/4/2006 5:27:34 AM EDT
I use Wolf, you could pick it up at a show for about $120.00 1K....

Link Posted: 1/4/2006 7:13:40 AM EDT
Ammo Price List > WOLF > Sportsmans Guide > $104.97/1000 -$10 (coupon code #SPG2070) + $12.99 shipping = $107.96/1000 delivered.

Sportsmans Guide member? $102.71/1000 delivered.
Link Posted: 1/4/2006 12:42:48 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/4/2006 12:52:31 PM EDT by eddiein1984]

Originally Posted By brillo:
Ammo Price List > WOLF > Sportsmans Guide > $104.97/1000 -$10 (coupon code #SPG2070) + $12.99 shipping = $107.96/1000 delivered.

Sportsmans Guide member? $102.71/1000 delivered.

Damn Sportsman's Guide. I just bought a case from them last week, for $121 delivered, with the coupon.

Edit: They adjusted the price for me. Sweet. That is by FAR the cheapest ammo on the street.
Link Posted: 1/4/2006 1:44:15 PM EDT


The last 2 cases I bought cost $228 shipped to Houston.

About 75% Israeli 20% Winchester and a few odds and ends.

The 3 cases I have purchased so far have all been excellent with no failures at all and good accuracy. My 1/12 CDNN uppers eat it up like candy.
Link Posted: 1/4/2006 2:44:58 PM EDT
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