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Posted: 11/11/2002 9:16:00 AM EDT
I need a pic of the muzzle brake that colt ships out on there new ar-15s Thanks alot
Link Posted: 11/11/2002 9:33:18 AM EDT
This is the one on the LEO model.

Hope this helps.


Link Posted: 11/12/2002 8:54:18 AM EDT
Does anyone know if this is the same one shipped on the rifles to the civlian market?
Link Posted: 11/12/2002 9:01:54 AM EDT

Originally Posted By NYCOP:
Does anyone know if this is the same one shipped on the rifles to the civlian market?

My Colt post ban does not have any type of break. I have not seen any new Colts with factory muzzle breaks.
Link Posted: 11/12/2002 9:11:31 AM EDT
The LEO Colt uses a flash sup/ A2 birdcage style which would not be legal to use on a civilian postban weapon.
Link Posted: 11/12/2002 9:39:30 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 11/12/2002 9:41:22 AM EDT by new-arguy]
No, if you get a brake from Colt it will look nothing like the one in the picture above. In fact, as someone as already stated, the pic above isnt a muzzle brake at all, its a standard A2 flash supressor.

I dont have a pic of the newer Colt brake, but I have seen them plenty. Sorta big and ugly (most brakes are IMO) but the good news it it wont take much effot to take it off if you dont like it. I'm sure someone with one of the new Colt M4gery postbans will post a pic soon.
Link Posted: 11/12/2002 12:59:44 PM EDT
Go to the Colt forum. Look for the post about the 6400. I think it reads,"questions about the MT6400 M4" or something close. There is a picture there on the 2nd page.
Link Posted: 11/12/2002 9:08:59 PM EDT
My friend has a post band colt that he brought new and it has a muzzle brake just like the one above on it.
Link Posted: 11/12/2002 10:00:31 PM EDT
One of three things is likely going on with your friends upper:

One, it has a look alike brake on it. There are several very well made post ban legal muzzle brakes available that look very much like the A2 flash suppressor. They do nothing al all to reduce flash, but look nice.

Two, Rock River and Knights sells barrels with comletely non-functional press on flash hiders. These press ons go over the 16" barrels. Because they go over the barrel, the slots are not exposed and they do not work as suppressors. They are A2 suppressors, look great, but do not work. If you are sure it is a Colt gun with a Colt barrel, this is unlikely in your friends situation.

Three, he has a real A2 flash suppressor on his gun. If he is elligable and has a govt/LEO only marked postban gun, no problem and he is fine. Govt/LEO only marked guns overrides the pre/post ban rules. If he is not eilligible to have the LEO gun, and has a regular commercial brand post ban gun with the real deal A2 flash suppressor pictured above, it is a federal offence.
Link Posted: 11/13/2002 8:08:52 AM EDT
speaking of that, I am looking to do something with the mini-Y on my Bushmaster M4A2. Which aftermarket muzzle brakes does the group recommend as a replacement?

Link Posted: 11/13/2002 11:24:30 AM EDT

Which aftermarket muzzle brakes does the group recommend as a replacement?

KKF A3 'Tac' brake for 14.5" barrels - the A2 type for all others.
Link Posted: 11/13/2002 12:12:02 PM EDT
Link Posted: 11/13/2002 1:04:26 PM EDT
yup, the one just above is the one i got on my new colt match target competition hbar.
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