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Posted: 2/4/2002 2:24:33 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/4/2002 2:26:39 PM EDT
I'm putting you in for a promotion and a raise!
Link Posted: 2/4/2002 2:31:17 PM EDT
Now someone needs to go over to full-auto and tell everyone this site's back up and running! Not me, though! Eric The(I'llLeaveItToSomeoneWho'sRegistered!)Hun[­>]:)]
Link Posted: 2/4/2002 3:17:33 PM EDT
I'm just glad it's back. Logging in was like taking a good beer piss!!! Felt that good!
Link Posted: 2/4/2002 3:30:59 PM EDT
Thank-you thank-you thank-you. I was starting to have some pretty bad withdrawls.
Link Posted: 2/4/2002 3:31:36 PM EDT
Originally Posted By JLA: Sorry for messing with your heads... you know, with the site being down. There's been some pretty rough weather in the area over the past week or so, which apparently knocked out power and who knows what else. With Goatboy and Edward in Vegas at the Shot Show, we had to get a little bit creative in getting the site back up. Enjoy [0:)]
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Whew...thought I was going to have to go through withdrawls. Thanks.
Link Posted: 2/4/2002 3:44:51 PM EDT
Dam I was headed to a outreach clinic if it wasn't working today.
Link Posted: 2/4/2002 3:51:25 PM EDT
Can someone pull up the anchor please?
Link Posted: 2/4/2002 3:57:14 PM EDT
SOmebody has to give the hamsters generating the electricity a little nudge, I had a Commodore Vic-20 that had a faster modem access time...
Link Posted: 2/4/2002 9:40:00 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Attman: Can someone pull up the anchor please?
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Link Posted: 2/4/2002 10:02:17 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/4/2002 10:13:37 PM EDT
Makes the case for a better backup system and remote administration.
Link Posted: 2/5/2002 9:29:02 AM EDT
Dang, I thought this thread was gonna be about the Roddy Piper movie of the same name.
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