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Posted: 1/31/2002 5:24:47 PM EDT
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 5:46:32 PM EDT
Which is better, AK or AR? Ford or Chevy?
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 5:52:49 PM EDT
Actually, I was referring to the inane string of favorite "anti-aircraft", "smg", etc posts just started.
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 5:54:03 PM EDT
can I shoot a .223 in a 5.56?
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 5:56:07 PM EDT
Omar stole my thunder, we all know an AR is better.
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 6:07:31 PM EDT
"What's your favorite MRE?" Sherm
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 6:10:26 PM EDT
Which round would you rather be hit with..then fill in whatever calibers you wish.
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 6:11:40 PM EDT
Is that thing loaded?
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 6:13:06 PM EDT
Mini 14/30 or AR15?
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 6:13:50 PM EDT
Damn, didn't get the first reply on this one.
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 6:16:14 PM EDT
I want to buy a gun. what's a good gun to buy?
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 6:16:19 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/31/2002 6:16:55 PM EDT by 50cali]
"Is that a bannana in your pants?" Edited to substitute bannanna with Howitzer...
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 6:42:38 PM EDT
OH MY GAWG! Do you get faint when you get excited? [:D]
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 9:36:20 PM EDT
is it true that 5.56 was designed to wound???
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 9:43:06 PM EDT
Does your color come off .
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 9:52:31 PM EDT
How do you clean the brass marks off the brass deflector?
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 9:55:38 PM EDT
"OK, I know it's been asked a thousand times, but if you could only have one gun, what would you pick?" [pissed]
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 9:59:05 PM EDT
At the range full of hunters, shooting an AR... "what the hell are you gonna shoot with that?" I guess I have no business owning a firearm if I don't intend to kill game with it. Same range, same hunters "Is that a Ruger?"..."No, It's an Ar15"..."Those are made by Ruger though right?"... "No, Mini-14's are made by Ruger, this is an Ar15 made by Colt, Bushmaster, etc. etc."... "Oh ok...when did Ruger stop makin em?" Same range, different day, different hunters, same Ar " Is that a 30-06?"..."No, it's .223"..."Damn, .22? You gonna use that for deer?"..."No"..."What'd you buy it for then?" My all time favorite "Aren't those illegal?"..."No, why do you say that?"..."I thought machine guns were illegal."..."This isn't a machine gun."..."Well, it looks like one...you sure it aint illegal?"
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 10:59:15 PM EDT
Heard at all gunshows I do in IOWA Is that thing legal? [img]http://www.cableone.net/uziforme/stevens311.jpg[/img]
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