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Posted: 3/9/2006 6:55:30 AM EDT
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Dude, recently the wonderful attorney general in the state of Texas deemed poker runs as illegal gambling.

Go ahead.

ETA: Read this
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Call your local H-D dealer and ask for the H.O.G. owners rep. he can hook you up.
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Originally Posted By TheRedGoat:
My local FD www.cantonfiredepartment.com is looking at new ways to invovle the local businesses in supporting our station. And we are also looking at new fundraiser activities.

A nearby station is hosting a 'Poker Run' for motorcyclists as a fundraiser.

Our town has a monthly event (www.firstmondaycanton.com/modules/page/) that would tie in well with a poker run.

what dos it take to set one up? How difficult is it to manage? and what kind of interests should we appeal to for the most appeal?

I know ...nada...zilch... about a poker run. Other than a few tidbits that I gleaned from a rather drunk biker last night.


A poker run, whether you are on a bike, canoe, or other vehicle, is usually run in this manner.
1. A group of people using the same form of transportation follow a specific route. Participants start one by one. It is not a race.
2. Participants stop off at specific points along the route to pick up a playing card. There is a person at each location to hand a card to each participant.
3. At the end of the route, each participant will have a full poker hand. That hand determines who wins whatever prize.
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