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Posted: 2/10/2006 12:46:22 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/10/2006 12:47:30 PM EDT by ANGST]
looks pretty goofy

It's an awesome weapon, designed uniquely for the dense jungles of Vietnam. Lightweight and easy to shoot, with it's 30 round magazine and high velocity .223 ammunition, the M-16/AR-15 is the ultimate close quarter combat weapon! Able to cut through dense underbrush as well as everyday walls of drywall or stucco. It even penetrates steel! No one can hide from this gun. In this video, Lenny Magill demonstrates and discusses how to use the AR-15 for tactical self-defense. You'll learn how to use and understand the AR-15 sights for CQC shooting, how to point shoot with this gun at distances of 5 to 50 yards, tactical self-defense shooting positions with and without cover, how to shoot on the move, as well as entering hallways, doorways and stairways. Plus, see an impressive display of self-defense shooting and the incredible power of the AR-15.
Link Posted: 2/10/2006 12:47:27 PM EDT
Ahhh, I see in REAL CQC you keep your finger ON the trigger.

Interesting, I didn't know that.

Link Posted: 2/10/2006 12:49:35 PM EDT
Oh man this one looks even dumber

Link Posted: 2/10/2006 12:50:19 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/10/2006 12:51:00 PM EDT by roboman]

Link Posted: 2/10/2006 12:52:04 PM EDT
Oh crap I thought it was a Van Damn movie.
Link Posted: 2/10/2006 12:55:07 PM EDT
Poser in the first movie looks sorta like Chuck Norris.

Link Posted: 2/10/2006 1:00:37 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Hellhound:
Poser in the first movie looks sorta like Chuck Norris.


That's who I thought it was until I looked closer.
Link Posted: 2/10/2006 1:03:46 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/10/2006 1:05:13 PM EDT
Oh yeah???

How 'bout this one??

Available here
Link Posted: 2/10/2006 1:06:26 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/10/2006 1:06:35 PM EDT
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