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Posted: 2/6/2006 1:27:41 PM EDT
The EU and the UN feel the need to negotiate with fanatics in Iran.

Iran wants to build a nuke, and will continue on their present course unless forced to stop.

The Palestinian people elect Hamas (terrorists) to run their "country."

The mastermind of the USS Cole bombing escapes (probably with help from locals).

Thousands of Muslims/Islamofascists take to the streets and protest (worldwide) over a CARTOON! They ignore bombings, death, destruction and mayhem carried out in their names daily, but will kill people over a picture.

Why do I get the feeling that this will only end after a major city (probably Israeli or American, or more likely both simultaneously) is destroyed with a nuclear weapon? Is that what it will take for the western world to realize the dangers of our current course? Can it, will it end any other way?
Link Posted: 2/6/2006 1:33:22 PM EDT
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Nope. Not in our PC world, which will probably just make the slur removed promise not to do it again.
Link Posted: 2/6/2006 1:37:11 PM EDT
Nope- looks like you've got it about right, but youv'e noticed, they haven't started this crap on OUR streets
Link Posted: 2/6/2006 1:38:49 PM EDT
winter is coming..
Link Posted: 2/6/2006 1:40:25 PM EDT

Originally Posted By usjet:
Nope- looks like you've got it about right, but youv'e noticed, they haven't started this crap on OUR streets

Maybe they heard about the Rex 84 program. Detention camps waiting to be filled.

Rex 84
Link Posted: 2/6/2006 1:40:33 PM EDT
It will end when either everyone in the world bows down to Mecca, or no one in the world does.
Link Posted: 2/6/2006 1:52:28 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/6/2006 2:57:22 PM EDT
So basically everyone agrees with my assessment.

I'm buying more ammo tonight.
Link Posted: 2/6/2006 3:35:17 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/6/2006 3:35:51 PM EDT by lippo]

"Issue as many resolutions like this as you want and make yourselves happy. You can't prevent the progress of the Iranian nation." -- --Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in reaction to Saturday's IAEA decision to report Iran's nuclear activities to the U.N. Security Council.

You draw your own conclusions.
Link Posted: 2/6/2006 3:45:14 PM EDT
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Philosophical meanderings of this type can be put into the existing threads--http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=1&f=5&t=434149
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