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Posted: 8/10/2001 4:55:19 AM EDT
I'm looking to get some camouflage netting hopefully for cheap, if anyone knows of a place that carries what I want please post. for the military types; "Camouflage screen system, lightweight" It comes in woodland/winter/desert and radar scattering/transparent except for winter any combo is good. for the non-military it is the netting that is made of a grid of small size line with what looks like shredded material, really just strips of camouflage. It connects together with multiple sections to cover a large area.
Link Posted: 8/10/2001 5:04:15 AM EDT
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Link Posted: 8/10/2001 5:24:02 AM EDT
Another victim of the "war on drugs"[:(!] Havent been able to find it for anything less than a few hundred a package. Too bad too since it works so well and makes great shade to boot.
Link Posted: 8/10/2001 6:45:46 AM EDT
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Originally Posted By Garand_Shooter: I may have one hex let me check and I will let you know. Be warned, however, if you find any it most likely won't be cheap. Several years ago the gov stopped selling it surplus, using the excuse that too much marijuana was being grown under it.
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Garand Shooter is correct, the netting is HARD TO FIND. I have a man looking for some ATM.
Link Posted: 8/10/2001 6:54:13 AM EDT
Crap! I had a huge bag of it that I cut up into smaller, personal size pieces. I paid like $8.00 for a big ass piece. If I'd have known it was gonna be scarce, I'd have held on to it!
Link Posted: 8/10/2001 6:54:25 AM EDT
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Link Posted: 8/10/2001 11:29:51 AM EDT
What are the dimensions of a hex and what does it weigh? Must be nice to have a warehouse[smoke]
Link Posted: 8/10/2001 12:43:38 PM EDT
Omaha Surplus in Ft. Worth, TX has some last time I visited. They have a good website at www.omahas.com.
Link Posted: 8/10/2001 2:30:25 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/10/2001 2:42:18 PM EDT
Try perusing local backyard drug labs. That's where I got mine (mine's woodland, though, and I wanted the desert scheme).
Link Posted: 8/10/2001 3:59:28 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Garand_Shooter: I am 99% certain I have one hex in the warehouse, if its there and you want it its $90+ shipping
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Would that be with or without the support system?
Link Posted: 8/10/2001 4:03:26 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/10/2001 4:22:16 PM EDT
did not know you guys would buy stuff like that also? been passing up camo netting, rapeling ropes and anything thats on the large size like tents and the like. if garand does not find his give me a buzz as I know where one is and the person that has it we have dealt on some other things in the last week. the going price around here for a hex is around $100 so let me know if he can't find his. thanks jon jcoppen983@earthlink.net
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