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Posted: 1/10/2006 7:21:05 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/10/2006 7:29:21 PM EDT by Midnight-Sniper]
You don't hear much about Russian-built WWII fighter planes, but I ran across this one on the web. It is called a Yak-9 and it was introduced late in the war. What a beautiful aircraft! Here is a link with more information: http://www.chuckhawks.com/yak-9.htm

Link Posted: 1/10/2006 7:22:13 PM EDT
A Russian coworker told me that with $, you can still buy them, even a tanki (tank).
Link Posted: 1/10/2006 7:22:54 PM EDT
Made great targets for F-51s and Cosairs in Korea

Yea a good aircraft even if it is a commie bird.
Link Posted: 1/10/2006 7:23:00 PM EDT
The Yaks were pretty good fighters but more of an interceptor than the P-51 which had the range to escort bombers to destroy German industry.
Link Posted: 1/10/2006 7:24:26 PM EDT
looks like they copied our P-51D models.
Link Posted: 1/10/2006 7:24:33 PM EDT
No comrade, you drank too much vodka to drive tanki!
I take your kesyki!

Link Posted: 1/10/2006 7:29:49 PM EDT
Originally Posted By LonePathfinder:
Made great targets for F-51s and Cosairs in Koreahich
Link Posted: 1/10/2006 7:50:05 PM EDT
There is a shop in Carson City, Nevada that gets brand new airframes from Russia and stuffs Allison V12s in them. They are quite a bit smaller than a P-51 and go real well with this setup.

Just pony up the cash and one could be yours.

Since this is ARFCOM I must add, Group buy anyone?
Link Posted: 1/10/2006 8:00:03 PM EDT
Yak-3's and Yak-9's are my favorite WWII fighters, at least for aesthetics.

When the conversions were being built in Reno, I tried to figure out a way a group could buy one to share in a partnership, but between the upfront cost, insurance, and maintenance, no one would get to fly the airplane more than a few times a year. We needed a few benevolent TWA pilots and high flying doctors, I guess.

One of the airplanes with the Allison was based out of Half Moon Bay in the early 90's - bright red.
Link Posted: 1/10/2006 8:37:38 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/10/2006 8:38:04 PM EDT by Manic_Moran]
Buy one of the IL-2 games, you can fly it to your heart's content.

Very popular aircraft for the Air Races.


Link Posted: 1/10/2006 11:00:14 PM EDT

Originally Posted By yobo:
looks like they copied our P-51D models.

Like a P51 crossed with a Spitfire.
Link Posted: 1/10/2006 11:12:41 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/10/2006 11:14:30 PM EDT by eodtech2000]

Originally Posted By inferno715:

Originally Posted By yobo:
looks like they copied our P-51D models.

Like a P51 crossed with a Spitfire.

The Yak series predated the P-51 and the wings are different than the Spitfire. The Yak's an Lavochkin La-5/La-7 were designed for turning combat at altitudes below 3000 meters.

With a decent pilot, a Yak will OWN a P-51 below 3000 meters with ease in a turn fight, a Spitfire would need fight a smart fight as the Yak is equally nimble and has a extremely hard hitting cannon in the nose.

ETA: The Yak's IIRC, were based on a German design the Russians got from the German's during the German-Soviet Non-Aggression pact.
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