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Posted: 5/15/2003 8:56:44 AM EDT
anyone try these things? "red bull" etc. whats the deal, is it just sugar with shitloads of caffene?
Link Posted: 5/15/2003 9:00:52 AM EDT
gives you wings, the ad says, so it must have something illegal in it![;)]
Link Posted: 5/15/2003 9:01:27 AM EDT
Sugar, caffeine and some herbs Go with Mountain Dew, it's cheaper and tastes better.
Link Posted: 5/15/2003 9:03:19 AM EDT
Mixed with vodka it's good.
Link Posted: 5/15/2003 10:05:01 AM EDT
Since I've got a friend who's got a product sponsorship with Red Bull, I can pull the occasional can out of his 'fridge when I stop by. I don't mind the taste; have gotten used to it. I don't know if it helps athletic performance (at least not for the long-distance stuff I do), but it does seem to help keep me awake when I need to make that long drive home after a hard day at the races. YMMV [:)]
Link Posted: 5/15/2003 10:21:52 AM EDT
Is it any good? I'm thinking of forming a religion based around this product. Pop one 30 minutes or so before your next work out. You'll see.
Link Posted: 5/15/2003 10:36:33 AM EDT
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Red Bull and Vodka what? [:D]
Link Posted: 5/15/2003 10:52:22 AM EDT
Originally Posted By photoman: Mixed with vodka it's good.
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Oh that's just what you want, drunks running around with a ton of energy.
Link Posted: 5/15/2003 12:07:51 PM EDT
The only reason you'll stay awake with red bull is because of the taste in your mouth.. like some sort of toxic cherry mix. I rather like Blue Ox Citrus cut with about 25% water for my late-night (0400) study sessions... Keeps me awake.. These aren't fraud in the purest sense, since they do keep you awake.. but it's the suger and caffeine.. not their magical herb crap.
Link Posted: 5/15/2003 12:13:35 PM EDT
Red bull has no more caffeine than a cup of coffee (the small 6 oz size). If you want caffeine, stick with D&D...its cheaper.
Link Posted: 5/15/2003 12:18:03 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/15/2003 1:17:15 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/15/2003 3:03:28 PM EDT
I tried red bull, nyquil tastes a lot better. IMO If i need a boost due to burning the midnite oil the night before. I prefer... 1. an unsweetened extra strong double espresso from the nearest vending machine. 2. caffeine pills.
Link Posted: 5/15/2003 3:12:40 PM EDT
Best two are red bull and rockstar.
Link Posted: 5/15/2003 3:22:37 PM EDT
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