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Posted: 11/30/2002 8:29:56 PM EDT
Can anyone ID this weapon? I think the photo was shot in Ireland, if that helps. [img]http://www.peteland.org/ar15/wsa.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 11/30/2002 8:40:21 PM EDT
Looks like a G3...
Link Posted: 11/30/2002 8:41:12 PM EDT
Concur on the G3
Link Posted: 11/30/2002 8:43:36 PM EDT
Definitely G-3
Link Posted: 11/30/2002 8:48:15 PM EDT
Could be a CETME too. But the CETME and the G-3 are practically identical.
Link Posted: 11/30/2002 8:57:00 PM EDT
Well if it looks like this... Id hit it!! OOPS wrong thread.. It's a G3. [img]webpages.charter.net/FatMcNasty/g3001.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 11/30/2002 9:06:56 PM EDT
G-3 or similar (the CETME was the basis for the G-3 design, so almost the same gun...)...
Link Posted: 11/30/2002 9:08:02 PM EDT
Originally Posted By raven: Could be a CETME too. But the CETME and the G-3 are practically identical.
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Were CETMEs made with synthetic handguards? I'm pretty sure it is a G-3, but I'm by no means a CETME expert.
Link Posted: 11/30/2002 9:11:31 PM EDT
G-3 for sure. CETMEs have an obviously curved mag.
Link Posted: 11/30/2002 9:12:16 PM EDT
Look it has a adjustable sight and green handguards. Cetme has wood and nontumbler sight. MMMM looks like a g3 sounds like a g3 must be a g3!
Link Posted: 11/30/2002 9:37:11 PM EDT
Yeah it's a G3
Link Posted: 11/30/2002 9:47:16 PM EDT
g3 is what popped into my head when I saw it.
Link Posted: 12/1/2002 1:23:07 AM EDT
It's a Shillelagh. [:D]
Link Posted: 12/1/2002 2:02:43 AM EDT
Beyond a doubt H&K G3 Tropical forearm, waffle pattern straight magazine
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