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Posted: 4/29/2002 9:08:30 AM EDT
I woke up early in the morning and had to run to throne before I lost structural integrity - it was a close call! Now it's just kinda sore and pulsating. I'm trying to narrow the cause down - do you think it was yesterday's Mexican food, or possibly my new prune juice IV drip? Any ideas? the_reject
Link Posted: 4/29/2002 9:11:43 AM EDT
Okay... This is getting out of hand now.. WTF Over?
Link Posted: 4/29/2002 10:27:41 AM EDT
Actually, it's probably the ebola virus, and you only have just over 48 hours to live. Get some drugs(enough to have fun for about 2 days), and then get thyself to a level 4 biohazard containment area, and make the best of your bad situation.
Link Posted: 4/29/2002 10:29:46 AM EDT
Link Posted: 4/29/2002 10:35:11 AM EDT
Sounds to me like you need to stop getting drunk at any place that has Queens in the name.
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