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Posted: 4/4/2002 10:52:13 AM EDT
Link Posted: 4/4/2002 10:54:22 AM EDT
If you really think it's that cursed, donate it to Hillary Clinton's Presidential election fund.
Link Posted: 4/4/2002 10:54:25 AM EDT
I'll take it, and swap you for a lucky one!
Link Posted: 4/4/2002 10:55:06 AM EDT
If you think it is bad luck (which I highly doubt), then go ceremoniously throw it into a lake or river and rid yourself of the curse.
Link Posted: 4/4/2002 10:55:42 AM EDT
Link Posted: 4/4/2002 10:56:25 AM EDT
Link Posted: 4/4/2002 10:59:11 AM EDT
Link Posted: 4/4/2002 11:00:54 AM EDT
And the [i]CURSE[/i] passes to FatMan.
Link Posted: 4/4/2002 11:06:07 AM EDT
i want it after fatman dies next week.
Link Posted: 4/4/2002 11:07:43 AM EDT
Originally Posted By 7: And the [i]CURSE[/i] passes to FatMan.
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I've had sex twice and wound up with three kids. Don't talk to me about CURSED! I've agreed to take DK-Prof's bad luck and replace it with a piece of my excellent luck. I hope that it can swing things his way for a while.
Link Posted: 4/4/2002 11:13:44 AM EDT
DK-- I really think its your AR that giving you bad luck. So, I would be happy to take it off your hands, for free ofcourse.
Link Posted: 4/4/2002 11:22:33 AM EDT
Link Posted: 4/4/2002 11:25:38 AM EDT
Take your time. Take your time. I'm here to help.
Link Posted: 4/4/2002 11:25:48 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/4/2002 11:26:54 AM EDT by SteyrAUG]
DK, it is obviously YOU. Grab your shinai and dogu and get your ass up here. I will beat the curse from your "shin" for free. SteyrAUG - Kenjutsu Exorcist Extrodinaire
Link Posted: 4/4/2002 11:32:03 AM EDT
Link Posted: 4/4/2002 11:38:48 AM EDT
Anything else for free? ARs?
Link Posted: 4/4/2002 3:41:43 PM EDT
Originally Posted By DK-Prof: Hey SteyrAUG - good to see you again I've finally found some kenshi to practice with here in St. Louis - there's a small club on campus now, and we have a probationary membership in the Midwest Kendo Federation. We've got a shodan and a nidan, and we'll get a sandan this summer. Plus, there's a godan in town who we're trying to convince to come and practice with us. I guess that was actually good luck, finding them to practice with!
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You're getting a Gonad to "practice" with?!?
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