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Posted: 3/27/2002 10:48:50 PM EDT
A package of frozen Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and a big glass of ice cold milk. :-)
Link Posted: 3/27/2002 11:12:29 PM EDT
Excellent grasshopper... I like frozen fruit pies with ice cold moo juice! Tate
Link Posted: 3/27/2002 11:34:23 PM EDT
...A warm gun?
Link Posted: 3/27/2002 11:43:39 PM EDT
Changing my anti-gun Democrat girlfriend into a firearm loving Independent.I thought it couldnt be done,maybe there is hope for the rest of the left wing communist in the USA!Or maybe this was a miracle? [b]Come to take my guns......I'll give ya the bullets first!![/b][50]
Link Posted: 3/28/2002 12:21:12 AM EDT
Link Posted: 3/28/2002 12:27:24 AM EDT
A Beautiful day. A Jeep. And miles and miles of killer trails!!
Link Posted: 3/28/2002 12:31:43 AM EDT
Originally Posted By DoubleFeed: She must have a brain. Here is how I figured out there was no hope for my ex-girlfriend... Her: Guns are a symbol of unlimited power. (she had shot three of my firearms previous to this conversation.)Me:When you fired my rifles, did you feel powerful? Her: No. Me: Do you still hold to the opinion that guns are a symbol of unlimited power? Her: Yes. Me: Why? Her: I dunno. Then she signed off very quickly. Some people, you just cain't reach. Happiness is a smoking barrel.
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I know what you mean man,i always use the "well if somone/some people ever try to rape you and you WILL be overpowerd by them what will you do?? If you had a gun they would not even attempt to harm you."I see that ladies are more likely to take you point of view on guns and guns for protection when you put it in thier perspective,talking about a woman getting raped and when they imagine it happening to them makes them think more openly about carrying and having a gun in the home for protection,it works everytime and unfortunately its a truthful matter.
Link Posted: 3/28/2002 12:37:06 AM EDT
Link Posted: 3/28/2002 1:14:13 AM EDT
1. A full magazine. [sniper] 2. A cold beer. [beer] 3. A hot woman. [whacko]
Link Posted: 3/28/2002 1:25:48 AM EDT
- My jeep and lots of mud to play in. - My Bushmaster - Unlimited .223 - An ice-cold Coors Light - Fighting a fire
Link Posted: 3/28/2002 2:26:57 AM EDT
Just hanging out out with my beagle, Bailey.
Link Posted: 3/28/2002 3:51:31 AM EDT
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Happiness is. . .
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to see the sun rise every morning....
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