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Posted: 3/16/2002 3:47:51 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/17/2002 9:15:05 AM EDT by rainman]
New documents are being released for public viewing, will be available at the Reagan Library. Do ya think they'll release the ones about negotiating the "arms for hostages" deal with are mortal enemy, iran? I don't think so. Not to say he didn't do good things too. But when you do things this bad, ya should be fired. Why do ya think they called him the teflon president?
Link Posted: 3/17/2002 9:18:50 AM EDT
No reply? I guess everybody agrees with me then.[:)]
Link Posted: 3/17/2002 9:51:59 AM EDT
My knee-jerk reaction was to just gut shoot you and pour 20 mule team borax into your gasping mouth. [:(!] But, I've typed things of greater offense/ignorance/stupidity. So, I'll just kick back and let [>]:)] do the sermon. [;)] Dave S
Link Posted: 3/17/2002 9:57:51 AM EDT
Dave-- did I lie? I know this is a touchy subject but I don't think i'm lying.
Link Posted: 3/17/2002 10:18:41 AM EDT
trading money/arms for our hostages, or let them die???? Hmm.. If it was rainman, maybe the arms/money would stay.... Being the President sometimes mens doing unpopular things. Regan was the GREATEST President of the second half of the 20th century, if not the greatest of all of it. Who turned the economy around? Who rebuilt the military after YEARS of neglect? Who stared down the Russians? We have Ronald Regan to thank for all the good things that happenet to this country for the last 20 years. Then Clinton had to come along and F-it up, and launch cruise missles to cover up his little scandles. He had t omurder people to keep them quiet. Sorry, but in the scheme of things, Regan was the best thing to happen to us. [smoke]
Link Posted: 3/17/2002 10:24:00 AM EDT
Lying never even came to mind, rainman. Mr. North did not ever lie while under oath, either. Last time I heard Mr. North speak of the ICA, he stated that he understood that part of his job was to isolate the president from unconstitutional covert actions. I did mention offensive/ignorant/stupid typed words on my part. Dave S BTW, Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, and....understood un(non)constitutional covert actions as a need to help ensure the viability of this fledgling country.
Link Posted: 3/30/2002 9:55:44 PM EDT
Link Posted: 3/30/2002 10:02:57 PM EDT
Not THOSE hostages wolfpack.
Link Posted: 3/30/2002 10:05:14 PM EDT
Link Posted: 3/30/2002 10:14:02 PM EDT
I actually served with one of the hostages of which you speak Wolfpack. He was a LCpl back then on MSG duty.
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