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Posted: 3/28/2006 8:06:13 PM EDT
The Squid and the Whale - Loved it. Jeff Daniels was great.

Capote - Phillip Seymour Hoffman deserved that Oscar.

The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio - Woody Harrelson was pretty good. He has a flair for dramatic roles. Julianne Moore was her usual hot self.

Thumbsucker - Strange film...
Link Posted: 3/29/2006 12:38:18 AM EDT
I love dark, dry comedies, but Thumbsucker just dumbfounded me.

I didn't understand the movie or laugh once. When it was over and I remembered that it was a comedy, I was even more confused.

I enjoyed it somewhat, but there came to be a point that I started to dislike it for no real reason.

Strange movie indeed.
Link Posted: 3/29/2006 3:35:22 AM EDT
I watched the Mummy and Mummy Returns and X Files Season 1 and almost done with X Files Season 2, it's what I've been watching lately

X Files are rereleased in slimmer packaging and way lower cost abut $38 a season, seasons 4-6 just come out yesterday, buy 3 or more and Best Buy will knock $10 off each!
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