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Posted: 3/12/2006 1:35:54 PM EDT
How hard is it to keep from scuffing a DVD? And yet here I am, wanting to watch Raiders, only to have to endure these 5 second pauses from all the scractches the fuckheads who rented this thing before put on it.

Urge to kill, rising...................
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 2:44:12 PM EDT
Put in my other rental, a documentary about wine, so it is far far far less used than the Raiders disc. Still have the same problems. I think the problem is my DVD player.
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 6:21:13 PM EDT
cheaper DVD players are much more finicky then better models on the market. Mine, for instance, is a cheapass vcr/dvd combo and it skips even if there isnt any scratches. Its a pain in the ass.
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 6:45:33 PM EDT
One in three people who rent DVD's use them as drink coasters on their gravel driveways before returning them. Not sure why though.
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 7:55:02 PM EDT
Raiders as in Indiana Jones? Go buy the box set, its worth it. I never rent movies anymore, after 5-10 bucks in late fees I might as well have bought it anyway.
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 10:54:43 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/12/2006 10:55:13 PM EDT by raven]
Why does this movie kick so much ass?

Why why why why?

Favorite movie as a kid and it still more than holds up.
Link Posted: 3/13/2006 3:37:37 AM EDT
People have no respect for rental stuff, be it cars, apartments, houses, DVD's, etc. Screw it, it's a rental! DVD's are so cheap nowadays you can get brand new ones from Walmart bargain bin for $5.50, Best Bye and Circuit Shitty has 'em on sale, people liquidating their collections for $5 a disc on EE, why rent?
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