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Posted: 3/15/2006 6:22:50 PM EDT
I just got a PS2. It's the little compact one. It worked great last night, but today it is taking fooooooooorrrrrrreeeeeeeevvvvvvveeeeeerrrrrrr­rr to load games. DDR Extreme 2 took about 2 solid minutes to get from a black screen to the actual game, and Kingdom Hearts was in for about 20 minutes before I finally gave up and turned off the unit. Kingdom Hearts was purchased as a used game so it might have been the disc, but DDR was brand new and should not have taken that long to load. Is there anything I can do to figure out what's wrong with my PS2 and fix it? Or do PS2s normally take this long to load games?
Link Posted: 3/15/2006 6:43:55 PM EDT
They do not normally take that long, or they shouldnt at least. Try exchanging it.
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