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Posted: 8/5/2015 7:12:13 AM EST
I have an XLR chassis on the way and am looking at the Accushot PRM and the CTK Precision Ultimate Rail Pod. Can anyone give me some advice on which one to purchase and why? My gun is primarily and bench/range gun. Thank you!
Link Posted: 8/12/2015 9:40:44 PM EST
I just ordered this one from DSG


I like the features and it was a good price. I cant give you any experiences with it yet, because I havent used it. It'll be a little while before I get my hands on it.
Link Posted: 8/13/2015 1:15:34 PM EST
I had planned on getting the Accu-shot but now I don't know. Thanks for posting this. In for a response.
Link Posted: 8/13/2015 9:23:43 PM EST
Just buy or make a sand bag. Way more practical and flexible. If you do buy a monopod, you will probably come to the same conclusion that most do: they are a lot more trouble than they are worth. You'll most likely end up selling it at a loss, or tossing it in a drawer somewhere.
Link Posted: 8/14/2015 8:41:20 AM EST
Make a squeeze bag. You'll be fucking with that monopod after every shot on soft surfaces.
Link Posted: 8/16/2015 1:12:25 AM EST
Yep...get a bag, ditch the monopod.

I tried one, and tried to like it. It was garbage. You can't stabilize at all, and it doesn't give you the fine tuning for elevation that a bag does. You spend more time dicking with it than actually shooting.

I like TAB gears bag for a "firm" bag, and Accuracy First's for a "do everything" bag.
Link Posted: 8/16/2015 9:50:06 AM EST
Another vote for a bag. I have a monopod and it's in a parts drawer. The accushot is very well made like all their stuff, but they just don't work as well as you think they would.
Link Posted: 8/31/2015 7:02:06 AM EST
I have an accushot on my rifle and I almost never use it. Rearbag ftw.
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