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Posted: 5/27/2015 6:10:25 PM EDT
My new .22lr. :)

A while back I bought a stainless 10/22 offered through Lipseys because I liked the laminate stock and realized I didn't have a stainless plinker in my safe. (Link)

Well, it came in. As I was filling out the paperwork the gunsmith at my shop came down holding a bull barrel and noticed my new 10/22. "Who does that belong to?"  A short conversation took place and by the time it was over my new plinker was walking back up the ramp with a list of things soon to befall it.

The (almost) finished product,

-Bull Barrel cut to 16.5" with dimpling job (dimples bead blasted and smooth surfaces satin polish.)
-New crown
-Stock cut down, fitted to free float with pillars and glass bedded action.
-Ruger BX Trigger (For now, funds ran short.)
-Nikon Prostaff 2.5-10x40 (For now, funds again.)

I haven't made it to the outdoors to test longer range groups, but have put 100 through it at 30 yards indoor. I'm a less than great shot, and was very surprised I could do this five round group over and over with it at 3 power. I'm pretty happy so far and think it looks freaking cool. I'm going to have a it threaded for my can and will eventually decide on a new trigger. I didn't think I'd like the scope, but I've kind of grown fond of the big monster on the little 22.

Link Posted: 8/31/2015 3:24:03 PM EDT
It looks great! I never understood why so many people run a full length .920" barrel, it's overkill on a .22.  

Your dimpling is the best I've seen, no tool marks visible in the pictures. I really like the contrast of the matte dimples vs. the polished exterior of the barrel. Overall an A+.
Link Posted: 8/31/2015 3:56:31 PM EDT
Looks great.
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