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Posted: 3/7/2017 10:09:42 AM EST
In my experience as a reloader, Starline makes some of the finest brass money can buy. I have used their brass in .357, .44 Magnum and Special, .45-70, .30 Carbine, .45 ACP and 9 mm. It has always been excellent quality, long lasting brass. I've never paid that much attention to it's consistency since I was loading mostly pistol rounds and with the .45-70, hunting type loads. But, generally I've been very impressed with it's quality. Was just wondering if anyone had gotten some and tested it for dimensional and weight consistency etc......Might be another good option vs. Lapua etc...
Link Posted: 3/7/2017 1:38:28 PM EST
Guess not...
Link Posted: 3/7/2017 7:54:11 PM EST
Interesting. I didn't know Starline made rifle brass. I did a little research. Seems to be good quality if a little heavy. About there with FC or LC military brass. I may have to buy a 100 pack and try them out.
Link Posted: 3/7/2017 8:21:25 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/7/2017 8:22:09 PM EST by Will]
Yea, not sure which way to go. Would like to try some but don't want to buy 1000 pieces--in case it's not all that great....but, a small lot isn't much good except to test the brass itself because you aren't going to develop a load and then only have a few cases to load with it.....
Link Posted: 4/17/2017 8:37:41 PM EST
Any news on Starline .308 Win brass?
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