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Posted: 7/27/2013 11:40:32 AM EST
most folks might already adhere to this way of doing things...if you dont consider it.

find local businesses that are honest, good at what they do, and friendly. look for opportunities to get closer to these people. in many cases, they can do you a favor if you do them one or are a good, regular customer. sometimes you can get free stuff. my bike shop gives me old tubes for ranger bands...my carwash gives me empty barrels. plus you are doing the local economy good by giving business to these kinds of folks. aand if you get to know them a long time, you might meet someone you can count on if times get rough.
Link Posted: 7/27/2013 3:07:04 PM EST
Yup. I think the SF in particular understands this, but it's always good to remind ourselves, plus we have new people all the time.

We should be trying to make friends with other good folks all the time, and I think honorable buisness practices is a good indication of strong moral fiber.

Two honorable parties operating in reciprocity is a beautiful thing, and generally mostly good comes of it.

These kind of folks are good to know too, because if you're in search of anything, they know and talk to lots of people in their everyday lives, and can arrange meetings / opportunities.

Too, if I can get what I want / need from a local honest merchant, I'd rather do that even if it costs a little more. I'd rather support real folks, than some fat cat I never met.
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