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Posted: 1/31/2011 4:33:14 AM EDT
to kick this post off we are getting 6-12+ inches. Now i was just up in mercer wisconsin so snow to me personally is no big deal. HOWEVER, South West Springfield MO pretty much freaks out about anything over 2 inches, we are understaffed and under-prepared as a city since we rarely face this and the budget just doesn't permit. I live in a suburb right next to the city, and of a fairly well traveled road, 2 weeks ago we had about 2inches of snow and it took 3 1/2 days to get our street plowed we only have a handful of snow plows so this is going to be interesting.

NOW ON TO THE FUN STUFF!! most of this is for power outage, which it most likely will

I've got more than enough food so that i don't have to worry about. I have 3 cases of MRE's barring everything else i have (which is a about enough for 3 people for about a month going by 2,000 calories a day) so we are good on food even if this lasts for a bit, but by thursday we will have 40* weather.

3 32ct cases of water bottles, so i think i'm good on that, for 3 people thats 32 water bottles barring what water i keep in the BOB
3 MSS sleep systems far warmth in case the power goes out (which it most definitely will)

so now i have the most basics covered i will move onto the misc stuff

i have 10lbs of salt for the driveway, i'm hoping it is enough as i used 10lbs 2 weeks ago and it was more than enough for my little (but steep) driveway, and snow shovel to clean it off. Not that it would do much good as the roads will be covered for awhile.
I have 2 lamps that run off D batteries, one that runs off propane, and one that runs of kerosene, spare batteries, spare kerosene, 2 bottles of propane
10+flashlights with extra batteries (i'm a flashlight whore)

i'm sure i'm forgetting something but this is a start and i have to head off to work, i'll update later. Let the suggestions and questions fly!
Link Posted: 1/31/2011 4:52:28 AM EDT
Being from Wisconsin that should be flurries to you! What kind of vehicle do you drive? 6-12" is when it starts to get fun!
Link Posted: 1/31/2011 5:56:06 AM EDT
Originally Posted By cjsjr249:
Being from Wisconsin that should be flurries to you! What kind of vehicle do you drive? 6-12" is when it starts to get fun!

i drive an Acura TL, being front wheel drive and with snow on the ground with summer sport tires, i can't even make it very far in heavy rain haha. that is why i bought a 97 jeep grand cherokee that would be perfect for the snow.... however the waterpump went out and it is currently in pieces with the radiator, fan, and water pump detached, i've bought all the new parts but between school and family i just haven't had time to finish fixing it. Some good it does me now
Link Posted: 1/31/2011 5:59:11 AM EDT
Do you have some kind of heater for warmth, or just the sleeping bags?

IME in NY and NE, power usually stays on during snow storms. Ice storms are what can do some major damage to the grid. My in-laws were without power for a week or two when power lines went down near their town.

If you have kids, make sure you have something with which to entertain them. Same goes for you.

Always have more than one shovel. They're like guns: two is one, one is none.

Not a survival thing, more of a money thing, but sand and/or gravel might be a cheaper alternative than salt for your driveway.
Link Posted: 1/31/2011 6:09:06 AM EDT
Do you have the means to clean snow off of your roof? Around here, attics are pretty well insulated-so the snow doesn't melt off of the roof until we get a warm day. All it takes is a couple of warmer sunny days and cold nights before you have an ice dam tearing up and getting under your shingles. Once that happens the roof starts to leak, and it's a bitch to repair when the leak is under six inches of solid ice
Link Posted: 1/31/2011 6:27:09 AM EDT
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