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Posted: 11/1/2009 4:22:33 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/1/2009 4:23:38 PM EST by traprmike]
buddy of mine, his son is looking to upgrade. he will be grandfathered in if he can prove he was a ham in 1986.. he's a tech now, and i guess if he can get a photocopy of the page w/his call on, he won't have to take the test..

i guess,, for all the time he's taking to get this, he could of studied and took the written test.. but that's beside the point.

so, if anybody has a call book from 86-87, let me know,,

the call I'm looking for is N0FAU
Link Posted: 11/1/2009 6:46:25 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/1/2009 6:51:20 PM EST by mylt1]
if he has been expired for more than 2 years he has to take the test according to the FCC. i havent seen anything about anyone being grandfathered in. who told him that?

Link Posted: 11/1/2009 7:44:56 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/1/2009 7:56:58 PM EST by traprmike]
he's still licensed, technician License, ya know I haven't researched it much.. i know there was a bunch of rule changes sense then, but seems like the group around here all know about it, and looking for this..
??? i'm off to do a little research on this.

from the ARRL website: http://www.arrl.org/arrlvec/grandfather.html#Grandfather

The FCC does not offer any credit for expired Novice, General, Advanced or Extra class licenses. However, per FCC Rule 97.505(a)(4), the FCC does offer partial credit to pre-1987 Technician licenses. If an applicant was ever a "Technician" prior to 3/21/87, and has proof, the FCC will afford credit for the General (Element 3) written exam only. The FCC does not require the applicant to have been continuously licensed.

so there you have it.. if he can find an old call book with his name and license number (call sign) he'll be a General class.

from same webpage.
A 1987 Edition, or earlier, Radio Amateur Callbook listing is acceptable as proof (be sure to include the year of publication reference, if not printed on the page) so long as the license class is shown in the listing (only Callbooks issued Fall 1967 or later show license class).
An original Element 3 CSCE issued before March 21, 1987, is acceptable as proof.

has to have this or the original CSCE card..
Link Posted: 11/1/2009 7:50:38 PM EST
so he is wanting to upgrade from tech and doesnt have his card or what? he should only have to take the test/tests for the class he wants to upgrade to. he will still have to take the class. if he needs proof he can down load a copy of his license from the FCC's website under the ULS. im sure they would accept that as proof that he is a ham.
Link Posted: 11/1/2009 7:56:53 PM EST
you edited your post as i was typing. according to QRZ call log he was first licensed in 1990. thats all i could find.
Link Posted: 11/1/2009 7:59:05 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/1/2009 8:03:39 PM EST by traprmike]
Originally Posted By mylt1:
you edited your post as i was typing. according to QRZ call log he was first licensed in 1990. thats all i could find.

ya, i edited the orgininal post.. to include stuff..
I saw that too. about being first issued in 1990...maybe I didn't see it.. looked for it again. only date i found was 2000

I learned that after the net tonight (where his father requested info)..
Link Posted: 11/1/2009 8:07:27 PM EST
I guess If I find a 86 call book we'll know for sure.
Link Posted: 11/1/2009 8:08:30 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/1/2009 8:14:47 PM EST by mylt1]
QRZ has a section where you can look up call signs that were published before 1993 and his came back as issued in 1990.

his exp date would also be a clue. he renewed in 2000 so that would be 1990 and 1980 as other dates for the original license or renewals.

Link Posted: 11/1/2009 8:49:27 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/1/2009 9:02:24 PM EST by traprmike]
I was wondering about that too.. 1986+ 10 years is not 1990... something is fishy..

I posted the info on the club's webpage so it's available to all to see..


you can't go by that 100%. just looked up a guy i know that got his lic in 1966 and it says 1986..

like I said,,
if anybody has a copy of the ham call book,, email me and we'll help the guy out.
Link Posted: 11/2/2009 5:23:23 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/2/2009 5:24:26 AM EST by mylt1]
but at least with the guy that showed up as 86 you know he was licensed in a X6 year. also if you read the instructions on that page it only covers back to the early 80's so 86 would have been the year he renewed so that would have been the only record from that time span for him.

from the QRZ site

This copy, which came from the very first edition of the QRZ Ham Radio CDROM, contains information regarding previous licenses that date back as far as 1983 (provided that they were still licensed in 1993)
Link Posted: 11/2/2009 6:51:42 AM EST
mylt1,, why are you arguing with me about this???? (sorry folks,, i should of not even responded to this guy)

do you have a call book,,,?? that's what I'm asking this board...

bump for day crew...
Link Posted: 11/2/2009 7:47:32 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/2/2009 8:40:54 AM EST by mylt1]
not arguing just stating facts. QRZ has the list from 83-93 in there digital archives. why is it you want to argue and not believe the facts im posting? if this guy really wanted to move up to general, why not just study and take the test instead of trying to get something for nothing? with a renewal in 2000 and the QRZ archives saying he was licensed in 90 would lead me and EVERYONE else here to believe that either he got his license in 1990 or 1980 NOT 1986 or 87, depending on how old he is. the expiration dates have not changed in that time frame. how many people dont know what year they were first licensed? did he start as a novice then move to tech or could you take both test on the same day when he go licensed? if he moved up from novice to tech that could explain the discrepancy between the dates.
Link Posted: 11/2/2009 8:11:07 AM EST
http://swap.qth.com/c_bookmag.php?page=1 second post. this gentleman has the 86 and 87 call books. if you ask, and explain whats going on maybe he would look it up and then your friend could buy the book from him to have proof he was licensed pre 87.

on a side note, i find it very unbecoming that someone gives up there time and energy to help someone else then the one getting the help gets an attitude and wants to claim someone is arguing with them. i took the time out of my day to assist you and your friend, i supplied links and even posted the info for you and, i guess because you didnt like the info you were getting you turn the topic into an arguing match. some people have lost all common decency and manors. if you get mad so easily because someone is offering to help you, taking there time and energy to do so and just wants more info to help you find what your looking for maybe you should think twice before asking for help and ask yourself if you can keep a cool calm manor about you so you can get the help your seeking.
Link Posted: 11/2/2009 8:35:16 AM EST
Does 10/14/83 ring a bell for his license date?
Link Posted: 11/2/2009 11:00:11 AM EST
JaxShooter: I'll check on that. thanks..
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