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Posted: 12/19/2009 12:38:32 AM EDT
I have had this radio for about 4 years now, it works great. love the little thing,,,,
about 6 months ago, i noticed a problem with the DTMF tones when trying to access Echolink ..

I used to be able to hear the dial pad plain as day, when pressing the buttons. now, on my local repeater that has Echolink, and on some simplex freq's, the tones are very quiet. you have to listen close to even hear if they are coming through. I can still access the link, but still is a strange occurance.

any idea what went wrong? I went through the menu several times and couldn't find anything that looked like it has anything to do with the tones,, and why only on some freq's?? repeater and simplex??

this has got me stumped..

I don't use Echolink that much, but with the reoccuring interest in another post I thought I'd give it a try again. I have to do it with the local repeater,  I tryed to hook it up to this computer at the new QTH, but the new ISP won't open the right port. they will tell me how to do it, but won't garrentee it'll work, and if it F'ed up, it's at my expence to get it fixed.. so, no E-link on the internet for me.

any ideas on the tone problem?? or is it a problem at all? seems to work, just not the way it once did.
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