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Posted: 11/1/2009 10:14:19 PM EST
If you can think of something important i might be missing please add, i cant think of anything right off hand for a SHTF scenario...thanks
ill name everything ive got now to support myself being mobile, minus large amounts of food/water...

Eagle molle plate carrier
Back/Front lvl 3 paca
Front 9x12 1/4" coated/hardened steel plate....(i chose steel because my carrier used to get moved around alot and i didnt want to break a sapi)
Rear K59 trauma plate

5 pmags
90rds 72gr TAP, 60rds m855
Gerber E-tool
Gerber machete
(2) pocket knives, benchmade/winchester
My .45
3 stock mags
15rds TAP, 15rds Golden sabre
a leatherman
My .17hmr
(2) stock mags, 200rds

(2) medium Quick clots
various bandaids, wraps, painkillers, burn reliefs, etc
(2) bottles of water purfirer tabs
magnisium fire starter/water proof matches
one of those mini fold out stoves with the white fire tabs
canteen/metal cup
100' 550 cord
duck tape
two compasses
10x40 nikon bino's
mini solar radio/light
(2) LED 200+ lumen flash lights
sunscreen/bug repellant
gun cleaning supplies
zip ties

i also have a pack with a change of clothes, a single tent, gas mask, (3) MRE's, and a poncho liner

like i said i cant thnk of anything else right now so if im missing something please add...
Link Posted: 11/2/2009 1:28:21 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/2/2009 4:18:52 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/2/2009 4:21:27 AM EST by Hunters_Moon]
You have a really good start and have covered most of your bases. Two things that I noticed:

Will that poncho liner keep you warm enough at night in Florida during the winter (my only experience in Florida is during the summer months)? I know it wouldn't be enough in my part of Texas. The ground will suck the heat out of you.

You only list one canteen. I think you'll want a hydration bladder, more canteens, or some nalgene bottles. Try hiking with a pack on a hot, humid summer day. You'll be amazed at how much water you consume.

Edit: NM I overlooked the hydration bladder.
Link Posted: 11/2/2009 5:37:36 AM EST
Originally Posted By Feral:
You probably already have it and just didn't specify it, but Benadryl is a must.

A pack of playing cards is small and light and can provide expedient entertainment.

A small notebook and some permanent markers, such as Sharpies, would come in handy.

This and more TAP.
Link Posted: 11/2/2009 6:36:54 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/2/2009 6:38:30 AM EST by Shadowbody]
Honestly I can’t recommend you add anything or remove something until I know more about your BO plan.

Lots of people put together kits but forget the most important thing above and beyond “slick gear” is what the plan is. You need to consider aspects of what will happen WHEN it’s time to put on your pack and move.

Where are you bugging out from and where are you going?
What is the distance from point A to point B
What is the terrain like between these two points? Hilly, swampy, fields, cities, flatland, rural?
Are there any water sources you can resupply at between A and B (Creeks, streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, a buddy’s water spiquit ?)
How long are you planning for being away from your home at your BOL?
Do you rotate gear in your pack between hot and cold seasons?
Do you have pre-stored gear/food/supplies at your BOL?

If your point A and B are only 10-15 miles away in total distance; bringing 3 days worth of food may be overkill as you can walk that in less than a day. Even more so if at your BOL you have stored food, clothes, etc.

If you’re traveling through urban areas and have to go on-foot; expect to get attention from the badge and rules club if you’re slinging a rifle and have on battle-grade web gear. If your route takes you through more rural areas or parkland, perhaps not so much.

Your gear should be selected to meet YOUR needs based upon terrain, duration of time anticipated to be in field, local conditions and anticipated hostility/confrontation. Having 5 30-rd Pmags when you anticipate having to drive through an urban area prone to high crime already during a SHTF situation may be insufficient. Having 5 30-rd Pmags when your entire route is through the wilderness and away from the cities would be adequate.

Gear is cool; but having the correct gear to fit the situation will serve you better.
Link Posted: 11/2/2009 8:24:57 AM EST
I figured it might help you more if I provided a template to work from. Below is my plan and the gear selected to get me from point A to point B.
This plan assumes I’m at home when it’s time to de-ass my area and move to more secluded spaces. I have a separate plan and gear selected should I be at work and need to get home; but I’ll discuss “Scenario A” rather than both.

Starting point: home
End point (BOL): Best Friend’s grandparent’s farm homestead.
Total distance: 30 Miles.
Terrain between points: Moderate hills, forests, small suburban neighborhoods, start of Appalachian mountain range near destination (mild mountainous terrain). Paper Topo maps secured, GPS programmed.
Water sources over route: Yes 7. Streams, creeks, man-made ponds, 2 rivers (15 feet & 35 feet across respectively)
Estimated time for travel:
Assuming drivable no restrictions (15-20 minutes)
Assuming drivable, moderate to heavy traffic (35-50 minutes)
Assuming quarantine roadblocks, roads otherwise impassable (Not advisable)
Assumed hiking no distractions (1-1.5 days)
Assumed hiking, minor course detours (1-1.5 days)
Assumed hiking, route around suburban communities (2-3 days)
Food/supplies stored at BOL (2 wks dried food, various items for resupply or barter)
No cache locations along route (rethink this dumbass!!!!)

Gear List


3-day condor assault bag (Coyote tan)
1 change jeans, underarmor Tshirt, briefs, hiking socks, Gray flannel button-up shirt, Denim Jacket
(summer alt: ditch flannel and denim for short-sleeve dickie and 2 xtra socks)
(winter alt: Longjohn thermals and heavy parka; gloves, scarf and ear muffs. )
5.11 Tan vest
Broken-in tan timberland hiking boots.
Rain poncho (Woodland camo)
1 camel hydration bladder (stored in bag)

Note: Extra set of work and hiking clothes kept in back of SUV. Same with boots. Take items along as required/needed.


AR15 XM15
5 30-rd pmags
Glock 23 in Blackhawk lvl-3 retention holster
2 extra mags
Cold steel recon folder
OC spray


6 MREs (broken down: Ziplocked per meal)
3 rolls Charmin on-the-go butt paper
1 pack camping wipes (Shower-in-a-box)
2 bottles of water
4 Extra AA batteries
2 extra CR123
4 small bags trailmix
4 cliff bars
4 Gatorade mix packets single serve.
1 small role duct tape


12 x 12 contractors clear plastic tarp sheet
Thermal role ground pad
50 ft 550 cord
Magnesium stick
4 film canisters Petroleum jelly soaked cotton balls and dryer lint.
Waterproof matches in tin.
Kukri hatchet
Fleece sleeping bag
(winter alt: 0 degree rated bag)
Deet bug juice
SPF 15 lotion
1 pk Zipties
Camping mess kit
Jetboil stove w/fuel canister
Katadyn water filter unit
Leatherman wave


2 CELOX packs
2 Israeli trauma bandages
2 Tourni-Kwik Self-Application Tourniquet
2 "H" Compression Bandage
2 4-yards of Primed Compressed Gauze
1 pack of regular household “boo-boo” bandages
1 tube Burn Dressing Water-Jel
1 tube Bacitracin Antibiotic Oinment
1 travel size foot powder
2 packs mole skins
1 travel tube Imodium
1 travel tube pain killer (extra-str Tylenol I think)
1 pack Benadryl
1 bottle KI pills
1 rubbing alcohol soaked pad (smelling salts)
1 Epi-pen
1 roll medical tape
Tweezers, shears, hand sanitizer, 3M mask, etc.


Maps of area of travel (regular,road and topo)
$200 in 20’s, 10’s, 5’s, 1’s
Roll of quarters
10x42 Steiner binoculars
Camping pocket heaters (4 pk feet; 4 pk hands; 4 pk back)
Thumb drive with vital photos, records, bills, scans, ID, etc. (Encrypted)
Yaesu VX-6R HAM radio w/earbud
Solar battery charger
Cell phone, paper ID, wallet with normal stuff
Mini-maglite with red filter
Hoppes gun cleaning field kit.

This list of gear is what I determined I would need to get me 30 miles and assumes I’ll have to be on foot and having to avoid populated areas (or worst case scenario for me). Unlike other gear setups I’ve seen; I’m not heavy with the firepower or ammo as I fully intend to AVOID any confrontation; and if made to fight to do so while de-assing the area PFQ.

I have several routes mapped out both by car and on foot which while I have committed to memory; still want my maps with me just in case.

Hope this helps you.
Link Posted: 11/2/2009 8:54:27 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/2/2009 9:03:30 AM EST by staringback05]
thanks guys....

i have a camelback, general army type 2-3 litre...i know water is one of the most important things
writing material isnt a bad deal, ill add that...

i have been looking for a small sleeping bag or thicker blanket
ive slept on the ground before...and i know without a little effort it can be cold and hard...
florida during the winter can get pretty cold at least several weeks during the winter in my area
where the dogs have to come in, faucets keep running outside, and your roses die...snow is not out of the question
usually however when ive camped ive used pine needles for insulation and some padding, works pretty good

the BO situation is that i live in the suburbs of a large 3 military base town, with a Nuke sub base right up the road 45 mins
terrorism, acidents, or attack from another country...my city is a large target

i have a piece of property where i grew up, on a lake...all dirt roads type area...60 miles south...it has a well on my property and a summer
house on my aunt and uncles property next to it...

my goal...is to have something to just "grab and go"...i have a shipping crate now i made...6ftx3ft and its full of everything you can think of
but its also about 400 pounds...so i just need the important things,

that pretty much sums it up

edit: id like to carry another 1-2 mags but i honestly dont have the room on my carrier...it already has 4 material pouches, 7 mag pouches, one large rear pouche and a canteen...
Link Posted: 11/2/2009 10:19:45 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/2/2009 10:21:08 AM EST by TomJefferson]
Link Posted: 11/2/2009 11:37:48 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/2/2009 11:38:35 AM EST by Cacinok]
good map w/ detailed listing of back roads
i know you mentioned water purifying tabs, but i'd add in a water bottle w/ purifying straw (it gets old drinking water purified by the tabs)
sun glasses
extra batteries
i'd also add in a low power LED headlight that had a red light option. it's great to light up the night w/ 200 lumens, but you're going to want something more discrete at one point.
foot powder
extra changes of socks

i also didn't see any comms mentioned.
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