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Posted: 11/21/2008 4:13:50 PM EDT
I've never used #10 cans, so:

I finally broke down and ordered from the LDS church (ldscatalog.com). My first shipment arrived a week or so ago w/o any problems. Every can was perfect (Starter Kit, case of wheat and of oats and O2 absorbers). My second shipment arrived today and was a different matter (1 case each of wheat, pintos & oats). The case of wheat had a smashed bottom corner, nothing major, but I inspected every can and found that on all the wheat cans the bottom rim was bent. Just a really small section no bigger than 1/2 - 3/4 inch. The majority of the oats and pintos had either a bent bottom rim or a dent in the side of the can. Dents were relatively small at 2 inches or less and did not appear to have any sharp creases. Rim damage was about the same as the cans of wheat. I'll try to add pictures soon.

Do I worry about it? Best way to tell if the seals are broken? The cans did not flex when pressure was applied to top, bottom or side. Is there any chance that the coating on the inside of the can could be damaged and any negative effect as a result?

I've always avoided dented cans when buying groceries from the store, but those were wet packed products - does it matter?

Pics may not be up tonight. Comcast is supposed to be here to install cable internet soon (Thank you Mr. Boss-man!) and my wife has to show me how to use our camera. But I'll check back later.

Thanks in advance
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