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Posted: 11/17/2008 7:02:08 PM EDT
Edjumaket me.
I just got a Gamesaver Pro Plus off egay, and need to know a little about the bag/rolls used.
Like which are thicker/stronger, better to vacuum fresh/frozen.
Right now I have about 90 lbs of deer sausage that's frozen and would like to pack.
Any ideas?
Link Posted: 11/17/2008 7:14:43 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 11/17/2008 7:17:28 PM EDT by GaAppraiser]
I just bought a box of rolls this past weekend so to save you some time just send it to me.  I will package it and send half of it back to you.

I have only every used the Foodsaver brand rolls because I have always read bad reviews on the knock off bags.  The bags always seem to be a little big for what I need and I feel I am wasting money on them.  I get mine at Sam's of Kohl's if they have them on sale.  I also have had good luck finding them at yard sales.
Link Posted: 11/17/2008 7:22:21 PM EDT
How about the rolls as opposed to the bags? Foodsaver , of course.
Link Posted: 11/18/2008 8:41:52 AM EDT
I use the rolls because you can make any size bag you need.
Link Posted: 11/18/2008 11:15:33 AM EDT
Do the rolls come in a thicker plastic? Or is there just one size thickness?
Link Posted: 11/18/2008 2:14:28 PM EDT
To my knowledge the foodsaver bags and rolls are the same material.
Link Posted: 11/18/2008 2:18:26 PM EDT
Sorry to hijack, but does anybody have experience with the cheaper, off-brand rolls? Do they work just as well?

Link Posted: 11/18/2008 4:07:28 PM EDT
I only use the cheapo rolls from Wal-Mart.  I've never had any problem with them.  Even those are pretty expensive compared to regular ziplock freezer bags, though.  It's also a lot more work to vacuum pack everything.
Link Posted: 11/18/2008 10:56:18 PM EDT
Ebay has some good prices on smoe bags and rolls I notice,, some of them are Foodsaver brand.
Link Posted: 11/20/2008 11:46:44 AM EDT
The foodsaver bags and rolls are the same material.

You can get some cheaper versions, but they are not the same.  The foodsaver bag design has specific qualities that prevent freezer burn over time.  The bag is the magic, not the machine.

 If you aren't storing meat for more than 3 months, any of the bags are fine.  If you will have food for 6 months or more, spend the extra couple bucks to get the original.
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