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1/22/2020 12:12:56 PM
Posted: 10/10/2007 4:22:14 PM EST
Well I started a new job a month ago well it has really changed my AO and other varibles. Heres how Ive broke it down in what does this mean to me.
1. More income =being able to get debt free by the end of the year while increasing over all goods and preps from the home.

2.Company vehicle = saves my truck and allows me to make modifications to it with out the worry of not being able to get to work

3. Alot better retirement and health insurance = Less worrys for the every day concerns

4.Travel = being able to come across deals and ppl I normally wouldnt have met

5. With in 3 years having the income level for my SO to quit her job and still have more income then both of us currently combined

6 Company is very flexible when it comes to outfitting our vehicles = My mobile ham radio and GHB on board along with GPS linked to a laptop and a printer on board.

7. We get paid days off during threating weather , hurricanes /snow/ ice /heavy rains/high winds.


1. Travel = being at lest 1.5 hours from home at any given point in time ,it has really made me really look at my current GHB setup , Also increased disease chances from exposure to a wider range of ppl

2. Not being at home as much = less time with family and more of a chance of me being away if something happens.

3. Trainings are really long distance that I will have to fly to = itty bitty chance I might be thousands of miles from my AO if something happens with out a whole lot on me

4. Might tempt me to move to a different Area leaving me without a network of personnel resources Ive collected here but the area I would move to is 30 miles away and I have a few contacts there

5. My works HQ is in a high treat zone for terrorist attack ,Valuable assets in a high traffic area that are not well protected , but Im not there but at most a hour a day

6. Not my companys policy but I do go into quite a few No weapon allowed areas ........ I just hope they dont serch to hard

Ok with it said I figure the job is a improvement over all and my main concern would be something sudden and unexpected. Such as a terror attack or earthquake , both are fairly low to me on chances of happening .I would expect terror attack before a earthquake .Some of my AO is near enuff to the coast the a tsunami would even become a small factor .The job is going to help me cover the more likely things such as financial shortfalls,health (do to insurance) , water/food shortages (do to increase in preps) weapon bands (able to finish my base collection before spring next year).

So what Im I going to do
Well first thing I did was buy maps , lots of them covering my AO in topo and up todate road maps . I asked the guys that been there which road maps the prefered and why. The company pays for maps so I got alot of them about a 100 bucks worth .

I installed a 600 watt inverter on my van to run chargers and other AC gizmos . Next week I plan on mounting my ham radio in my van and I should get my laptop by then so I can have my topo software for my personal gps and Im hoping to get a street maping gps program and roof mount antenna to run it off of.

I put my GHB as is (minus AR mags and gear )in along with my ham radio small go kit which stayed in my dd.I over stock my cooler ever day to stretch my ghb out if need be or to help in one of those 2 hour traffic jams Ive ordered a water filter for my GHB and some more external pockets to give me about 1400 CU of space which will let me really increase my food capacity and some other gear such a hammock or real one person tent. My GHB was setup for a 13 mile hike though terrain I know , at most a 32 mile hike though terrain I know very well. Now its got to be able to do 100 miles ........ yeah

Im working on some comm plans , Im going to talk it over with a good ham buddy of mine saturday when we go shooting. Ive been working on plans with my SO also , just alot of varibles for me and her to hammer out...

Well whats yalls thoughts ??

Link Posted: 10/10/2007 4:29:56 PM EST
I also have to reassess my preps and game plan.

I'm driving local now, so I'm always within 100 miles of the house (usually within 30) and am home every night.

Things to think about...
Link Posted: 10/10/2007 4:31:53 PM EST
So I guess your not "Nationwide" any more sorry had to do it ....
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