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Posted: 10/12/2007 6:51:29 PM EST
Something happened today that made me glad that I know my area.
I was heading into Gainesville to excersize with some friends when I got stuck in traffic on the interstate.
I hadn't checked the news today, and didn't know that there had been a MAJOR wreck this morning (aroung 8am).
I didn't know where the wreck was, but at 6pm the traffic was backed up 4-5 miles out of town. Called a friend, she said that they had 2 lanes open, but were still cleaning up (since 8am)
As soon as I got to the nearest exit, I took it and made my way around the outskirts of G-ville (had to get to the opposit side). Avoiding even the main roads that I knew people would be taking to detour the interstate.
Took me 20 minutes longer than usual to get to my friends, but on the way home I saw where the wreck was, and if I had stayed on the interstate, it would have taken another 20-30 minutes beond that.

Here's to knowing your AO
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