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Posted: 6/5/2008 6:40:38 PM EDT
OK first up is the Vest, this is more for real shit hits the fan, i plan on making another MUCH MUCH LIGHTER one.  I am on a limited budget, so i have a hodgepodge of things to say the least (Final year of College and i'll be free to make money to buy more stuff!)  Anything to add subtract would be great, thanks!

The Vest has 7 Mags, the one on the front is M855 Green Tip, the rest is Handloaded 55gr FMJBT by me.  It is heavier than i would like it to be, but if i had to bug out with just the vest i wouldn't be toooo bad off, better than nothing.  I have a AR-15 16" DPMS FFT with X300 and M68 Aimpoint with troy BUIS (i didn't spare any expense except on the fact that it is a DPMS, which by the way works just great for me!) 2 stage RRA trigger.  Also have 2 spare mags of 92fs which is in a thigh holster

For what it is, it works, but it's heavy

Next up is the BOB, somehow the TP and Advil didn't make it in the pictures, but they are there.  Also, i am working on getting a water filter

Here it is all packed up, i have a tent i forgot to throw back on, its two person, about 5lbs

And here is my trusty gerber which is always with me

Link Posted: 6/5/2008 7:03:23 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/5/2008 7:07:42 PM EDT
I don't smoke but I have a friend that does. One time he was lost in the mountains hunting deer. He said the worst part of the ordeal was when he ran out of smokes.
Link Posted: 6/6/2008 3:14:45 AM EDT

I don't smoke but I have a friend that does. One time he was lost in the mountains hunting deer. He said the worst part of the ordeal was when he ran out of smokes.

unfortunatelly i do, heavilly and am "dependant" on heavy amounts of nicoten. i look forward to the time when i can put this behind me, as i did with the heavy drinking of my early 20's. i now even work in a bar and don't really have any urge to drink more than a a fairly rare and occational drink or two with frineds after work(maybe three times a month). but i doubt i'll be able to quit smoking until i find a new job, working at a very smoke filled bar will make it real difficult to stop(i went cold turkey on alcohol for about 2 years before allowing myself to try drinking in moderation).

because of my nasty addiction, i actully carry a few nicoteen lascenges(sp?) in my first aid booboo bag, just incase i run out of cigerrettes(i pack extra of those also). the thought of having to deal with withdrawl in the middle of a shtf event surelly would not help stress levels, and at the very least would cause me to become very agitated and quite testy on top of and in addition to what ever event was already unfolding.

to the OP, good start. make sure you carry more than one form of fire(though i'm asumoing you do as your a smoker, and i know i saw a fire steel), should you become seperated from either your vest or bob.

i think my next step is probably a vaccum sealer for my preps, and one main reason is to compact and waterproof my extra socks, and some extra food stuffs such as home made dehydrated or freezedryed meals. cliffbars and mre entrees will keep you alive, but cooking and enjoying a filling meal is one hell of a morale booster.

tac lights are cool, and i still usually have one in reach closer than a headlamp, but damn do haedlamps come in handy, i'm considering swaping out my tac styled light in my larue riflemans bail out bag for a energiser cheapy $14(?) walmart headlamp, hands free is just too handy...
Link Posted: 6/6/2008 5:46:29 AM EDT
Thankfully i am not that heavy of a smoker, perhaps 4 or 5 cigs a day.  Just to keep up the nicotene levels and keep me awake.  In a SHTF i'd probably smoke more, but one pack should last me at least 2 days, which should be enough time to get me to my designated safe house over a hundred miles away.  And i also keep gum not shown in there in case things get really hairy.  Plus i'll have the smokes i already have on me, but i'd hate to go cold turkey for damn sure.  Most likely i will have a ride that can make it there, and i know how to get there from back roads only, staying off of the highways.  So if all goes well (considering where i am going isn't screwed) then i should only be up to three days if i have to hike, one day if i can drive even with interruption.

What big things am i missing?  I know there is something else

I know for one i need a water filter and a couple trash bags.  Likely i will add another pair of socks and shorts and T-shirt for hot weather, more advice please!
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