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Posted: 7/19/2008 7:32:04 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/19/2008 7:32:27 AM EDT by graywolf]
How many MREs do you guys have stocked up on for SHTF ? and other food and water
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Link Posted: 7/19/2008 6:46:30 PM EDT
Case or two. Unless you rotate them out they are kind of worthless for long term. They are good for their 4-5years and some have good luck up to 10years. They need to be stored in a/c climate to help preserve them for long duration.
Link Posted: 7/19/2008 6:49:14 PM EDT
I have a bunch that I use for camping. The BEST thing about them is that they are already hydrated. On the one hand that's bad because they are heavy BUT if you are short on water (say following a series of peaks above where streams are or hiking in the desert) they rock. The next best thing about them is that they don't need to be cooked or even heated. Biggest negative? EXPENSIVE. If you're planning on riding out a year-long zombie rampage there are far-cheaper alternatives.
Link Posted: 7/19/2008 7:55:27 PM EDT
10 cases and a tote full of assorted MRE items like peanut butter filled pretzels, cookies, peanuts, fruit cocktail, snack type items. I keep them because of the lack of need for water.

If the SHTF and we DO have water we'll use the freeze dried and dehydrated stuff. If not, we'll use the MREs.

They are indoors in an air-conditioned closet. No temperature cycling, should last until 2012 when I will replace them.
Link Posted: 7/19/2008 8:07:09 PM EDT
2 cases of the miltary ones. They are a little over 4 years old and have been kept in the house all that time. I ate one two nights ago, everything was good except a wheat bread was molded even though the pkg was perfect.
Link Posted: 7/19/2008 8:43:57 PM EDT
A case or two. I keep them down in the basement, cool and dry to extend their life a bit.

Just a temporary fix, not meant to provide any long term sustenance.
Link Posted: 7/19/2008 8:49:14 PM EDT
Just three in the back of my truck in case I get stranded or similar. I could 'lift' a lot more, but that would be stealing...
Link Posted: 7/19/2008 9:20:49 PM EDT
I've got a case or two that I use for camping when I go solo...

For long term you get alot more bang for the buck with good old canned goods.

Not nearly as tacticool, but for the cost of one weeks mre's for 3, I can feed my family for a month on canned goods.
Link Posted: 7/20/2008 5:07:39 AM EDT
I've got a bunch (about 10 cases) that are still good for several years. I picked them up from my last reserve unit after a field FX. The storekeeper was going to pitch them as they were "expended" from stock but the guys didn't eat them. He asked me if I wanted "some" so I said sure and he told me to take as many from the pile as I wanted to. I took all the full, unopened cases and he was very happy to not have to hump them to a dumpster. I use them for backpacking, in my locker at work for extra shifts and in my BOB/GHB.
Link Posted: 7/21/2008 4:23:35 PM EDT
Just 1 case for the BOBs..
Link Posted: 7/21/2008 4:33:47 PM EDT

Probably a couple of cases. But they are all broken down into components.

Link Posted: 7/21/2008 6:08:50 PM EDT
I have a dozen have are spread between my truck and (soon) my girlfriends cars for stranded situations. There will be few leftover an stored in the basement (nominally 65ºF year round).

I also have a "1 week supply" for 1 person that is a broken up mix of the food components without utensils and such. Mainly just for a bug-in situation where water might be tight, utilities are out or whatever. There is cheaper stuff out there that I am working on stocking up on, but this is a fix for 3 days for me and the ladyfriend.
I also have some mountain house pouches down there too, that will extend the quick prep supply by another day or two and add some variety.

Do remember that mil-spec MREs are loaded with calories, you probably don't need 3 meals a day if you are eating them. Some people will likely be fine with one spread out throughout the day.

Link Posted: 7/21/2008 8:39:28 PM EDT
Yeah they are equal to one meal a day but even though they are hydrated you need to consume about a quart of water with each because the mil MRE's are packed with salt. Still better than dehydrated though.

Link Posted: 7/21/2008 8:40:01 PM EDT

Originally Posted By type56:


me formerly 2-187
Link Posted: 7/21/2008 8:48:47 PM EDT
About 3 cases. I need to check and make sure they aren't expired yet.
Link Posted: 7/21/2008 8:51:22 PM EDT
Half dozen or so that were given to me. I rely more so on canned goods and staple foods.
Link Posted: 7/21/2008 8:51:46 PM EDT
Link Posted: 7/22/2008 12:43:39 AM EDT
Don't have any complete MREs.

Do have a bunch of entrees and components I purchased from Long Life Foods. Figure I have ~ 100 entrees.
Link Posted: 7/22/2008 3:04:01 AM EDT
MRE's are mearly short term. I can make a good meal for less than $1.50. MRE's can't compete with that. They are really only good for camping or bug out and I consider them too heavy for that. I can boil water in 2 min. for mountain house. 7 min to a hot meal.
Link Posted: 7/22/2008 6:16:32 AM EDT
I don't like MREs so I don't buy them. I buy Mountain House and stock up on canned goods. I have 50 gallons of water stored inside and a purifier with two extra filters for the lake in the back of my house when that runs out.

I figured I can feed myself and 3 kids for about a month with what I have on hand.

Getting ready for another group buy on Mountain House though. I love that stuff. So damn good and so easy to make.
Link Posted: 7/22/2008 11:21:01 AM EDT
I have a couple of cases that I have been using out of for camping. They should be gone by the end of hunting season. There are a few other shelf stable/self heating meal packs oout there. I may buy a few more. Nice in the woods when the fire danger is high.
Link Posted: 7/22/2008 11:32:42 AM EDT

Originally Posted By XxSLASHERxX:
I have a pack of crackers

I'll see your pack of crackers and raise you a can of sardines!

Oh, and about 30 cases hidden all around the house. Walk throughout my house and you won't see a single one.
Link Posted: 7/22/2008 11:59:24 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Boru:
except a wheat bread was molded even though the pkg was perfect.

I got one of those two. Perfect case, perfect MRE, perfect wrapper, moldy bread.

That was the last time I ate an MRE in the dark.
Link Posted: 7/22/2008 12:23:03 PM EDT
i use a few MRE's as lunches etc. but my real preps are water beans rice and cans.
Link Posted: 7/23/2008 8:21:11 AM EDT
Just got a case of MRE's for $88 from the commissary. WOW cost more than I had hoped. Still gonna get more they are super durable and yes heavy but heck I was an RTO they are still lighter than a SINGARS and batts and these I can eat and I like them too. And the Pork is radical muslim deterent.
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