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Posted: 6/22/2016 9:37:22 PM EDT
First off let me be clear. Not my QTH. We missed out entirely on that storm.

So, Monday night a semi local (about 21 miles NE of me) UHF tower over in western Iowa took a witnessed direct hit about 19:00 local.
I was talking to the repeater owner tonight about the excitement (and working on getting a few of the bugs worked out on his back up node). He said the UHF side was keyed up when it was hit.
Fried was: a power supply, the UHF antenna, IRLP card, several polyphasers, one hard line connector, the co-located internet providers equipment in the building, and a couple more assorted parts. Also there will probably be more items to be failed as things get back up and running.

Question is: What kind of back up does your club (or personal shack) have on hand to get back on the air and back in the fight? How fast can it be deployed?

For John, it was just under 48 hours. Backup antenna up the tower and hooked up, new ends on the hard line, a couple fuses on different parts and boards, backup power supply, and new polyphasers. (I think the poly's came overnight from amazon). IRLP card didnt survive, but he took his backup/ home node card and gave me a call after plugging it into the node to verify function and set audio levels.

This is giving me a pause to rethink my preps. I think I'm ordering a few more poly's, and beefing up my station grounding. I've got the luxury that I unplug from the antennas when theres lightning in the area and run off the inside antenna with lower power for V/U.
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