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Posted: 3/27/2009 3:43:50 PM EDT

When I bought my 150 gal. tank, I thought I was Mr. Preps. When I added five USGI 5 gal water cans, I thought I was Captain Preps.

But I've read some amazing stuff on here...so...

How much water do you guys have?

I live very close to the LI Sound and I'm getting a high quality desalination set up...so I might be Sgt Preps.....
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 3:45:51 PM EDT
10k gallon pool , a well , and 100+ gallons of storage for hitting the road.
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 3:48:39 PM EDT
23,000 gals the cleanest water in fl .in my pool
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 3:50:14 PM EDT
Not nearly enough.
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 3:50:34 PM EDT
(330) gal. in an IBC Ploytote
(15) gallons in a seperate barrel
(10) cases of rotated bottle water
(5) 1-gallon bottles of Arrowhead

Link Posted: 3/27/2009 3:52:17 PM EDT
about five hundred gallons in the short term storage tank filled off the
roof, a 3 acre lake, and a shallow well that goes 10' below the level of the lake
which is base level for the region, so essentially unlimited groundwater.
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 3:52:22 PM EDT
Unlimited... it just comes right out of the faucets around here... amazing!!!

only a 50 Gal. drum...
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 3:55:38 PM EDT
explain why you want to leave have you not hardened your home for !well
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 3:57:36 PM EDT
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 4:11:00 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/27/2009 4:11:36 PM EDT by coldair]
2 1550 gallon tanks of storage and a RO with UV that can make 2000 gallons per day off my generator
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 4:12:26 PM EDT
Originally Posted By xenith:
explain why you want to leave have you not hardened your home for !well

Me ?

Link Posted: 3/27/2009 4:17:08 PM EDT
I live in earthquake country, so...

Four 55 gallon drums = 220 gallons of treated drinking water
An additional 75 gallons of drinking water in the water heater
20,000 gallon pool for washing dishes, clothes, showering, bathing, and flushing toilets
assorted 5 gallon and 12 fl oz water bottles
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 4:22:27 PM EDT
Gravity feed well. 4- 5 gallon containers. 2- 55 gallon rain barrels. A year round stream on the corner of the property. A water filter- priceless!
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 7:27:10 PM EDT
One major river, and a berkey water filter.
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 7:31:09 PM EDT
350 gallon tote.
still trying to figure out how I'm gonna get it in the house
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 8:15:58 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/27/2009 8:17:49 PM EDT by fallonmedic]
(5) 55 gal drums (rotated annually)
(4) 35 gal drums (rotated annually)
(10) 5 gal scepter MWC's (rotated annually)
(30) 1 gal from Wal-Mart (roatated constantly)
(9) case of 1 liter bottles water (rotated constantly)

Total of 500+ gallons at any given time for three people.

+plus I live on a well that I am about to pipe with an old fashioned hand pump, until them I of course have genny to run pump and fill containers

Water is overlooked way too much. I'd much rather not have food than not have water.
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 8:42:51 PM EDT
Is there too much chlorine in backyard pools?
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 9:02:04 PM EDT
Originally Posted By skankwhisperer:
Is there too much chlorine in backyard pools?

That, plus the Muriatic acid.

In addition, some people/poolmen add toxic algaecide/clarifiers that contain heavy metals (colloidal copper, etc).
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 9:03:23 PM EDT
I'm amazed at the water storage threads on here and one thing that everyone overlooks except one guy in here so far (TKoProductions).

Don't forget you always have your hot water heater which has a garden hose hookup at the bottom you can drain it from. Most people have 40 gallons minimum. He has 75 just in that alone. Now while I was thinking about going with a tankless heater to save money I'm not anymore since it would mean losing 40 gallons of usable water for myself. Also seen in a different thread about filling your tub. If you we're able to before the city lines lose pressure or you couldn't draw water otherwise thats another 30-55 gallons of water depending on tub size, and if you have more than one.

If I'm able to run city water I'll plug the drain and pull the overflow cover off and cover that as well and increase the capacity of my tub which is huge and if I measured right it'll hold about 65 gallons of water if filled to the brim. So I'd have 105 gallons of water without counting any I have stored, which is only about 10 gallons currently. I also have plastic totes and other large containers that will hold water. I plan on setting up a few rainwater barrels this spring to add to my supply of usable H20.

Oh and also don't forget that each toilet you have holds at least 1 gallon of water in the tank. And I'm sure if you wanted to you could blow out your homes water pipes and collect a few gallons.
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 9:26:01 PM EDT
I'm not sure if I have enough

1x 15,000 gl pool
1x 20,000 gl pool
2x 50 acre lakes
1x river

Link Posted: 3/27/2009 9:36:01 PM EDT
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 9:43:03 PM EDT
~2000 gal tank, sounds like alot, but trust me, It goes a whole lot faster then you think it will...
Link Posted: 3/28/2009 5:07:19 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/28/2009 5:08:18 AM EDT by skunkwerx]
I'm on a well, but for those on municipal supply......

Have you thought about installing an expansion tank and a check valve between your house and incoming supply? It's like having a fresh barrel of water sitting there at all times.

On well systems we have a bladder tank that gets pumped up by the well pump.
This keeps your pump from constantly cycling and keeps pressurized water closer to your faucets.

You could use this same set-up on a municipal system. the pressure in the system would "pump up" your tank while a check valve would keep it on your side, should the municipal supply lose pressure.

They come in many sizes.

Initial cost is higher, but then chlorinization, changing out water every 3 to 6 months, all goes away.
Since the city supply is constantly running through it, its always replenshing itself.

- - -

I did see an ingenious makeshift set-up by a guy who had very very low well output. He didn't have the money to drill a new well. He took a 55 gallon drum, mounted a toilet fill valve with float, in the top,
so that the fill-water would shut off about 4 inches from the top of the barrel.
He plumbed a booster (jet) pump from the storage barrel to his house supply.

This set up gave him approx. 50 gals of fresh water he could draw down for showers and laundry, and the slow well output could replenish it at it's own pace, which was less than 1 gal per minute.
He later added a second barrel, so he had 100 gals of draw down "on tap" which took care of his entire families needs without ever "bottoming out".

Link Posted: 3/28/2009 5:27:17 AM EDT
The two city reservoirs border the property I live on and I have a water filter. I've got 4 5 gallon jugs for transport.
Link Posted: 3/28/2009 5:47:21 AM EDT

about 8 gals and a few cases of bottled water.

I live in western pa; there is a creek, spring, run, river, etc..at the bottom of every hill. If you can't find water where I live, you fail

Link Posted: 3/28/2009 9:31:29 AM EDT
I have 3 artesian wells that create a small creek/stream that flows on my property year round. One of the main reasons I bought the place. 8 acres, unlimited water... Yes please.
Link Posted: 3/28/2009 9:45:44 AM EDT
Originally Posted By ubergeek:
Not nearly enough.

Ditto - 2 - 55gl drums and five 7gl aqutainers so about 140gl plus what's in the water heater.

I would like to get 2 more drums and maybe put in a koi pond to keep non potable water in. I've also got a good filter (katadyn pocket).

Link Posted: 3/28/2009 11:31:19 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/29/2009 3:18:10 PM EDT by riese]
Not enough

Link Posted: 3/28/2009 11:35:26 AM EDT
110 gallons treated and stored. 4ft pool, which we used for Katrina. Oh yeah, 1 acre pond.
Link Posted: 3/28/2009 2:04:31 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/28/2009 2:05:36 PM EDT by JLREED]
Near limitless in my artesian well. I can pump out the tub-bobful at need, but I keep maybe 20 gallons in store, plus a few trays of bottled water. What I really need to do is invest in a filter for the kitchen sink.
Link Posted: 3/28/2009 2:26:51 PM EDT
4 - 55 gallon drums
2 - 30 gallon drums
10 - 5 gallon containers
3 - 5 gallon sparkletts water bottles, free
4 - flats of Arrowhead water bottles.

Still not enough for me and my family but I am slowly working on increasing my inventory. I do have a portable filter for camping and just recently bought a RV water filter cartridge that attaches to a garden hose. I have 12 empty 5 gallon buckets with lids that I can use to ferry or store water in. There's a lake roughly 2 miles from me and 8 miles the opposite way, the Pacific Ocean.
Link Posted: 3/28/2009 2:31:20 PM EDT
4 - 55 gallon drums
30 - 1 gallon bottles
3 cases of 16 oz bottles
50 gallone water heater
Big Berkey
2 - water bobs
Link Posted: 3/28/2009 6:02:42 PM EDT
6 lbs of Leslies Power Powder Plus and misc storage containers along with numerous filtering units with numerous replacement filters. I've got a flowing creek down the road I can get water from. My sump pumps about 4 times an hour (this source is going to be tested soon). Not sure what that adds up to.

How to purify alot of water

Home made Berkey Water filter
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 1:30:10 PM EDT
Originally Posted By speedracer422:

about 8 gals and a few cases of bottled water.

I live in western pa; there is a creek, spring, run, river, etc..at the bottom of every hill. If you can't find water where I live, you fail


And if the natural water sounce becomes contaminated from nuclear or biological attack??? Then YOU fail.

Link Posted: 3/29/2009 2:33:57 PM EDT
Runoff from roof = bird crap filter. be careful.
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 4:05:07 PM EDT
got a lake out back, and a Berkey filter. I'm good to go.
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 6:17:35 PM EDT
2 - 55 gal blue drums, with pump & 26 cases of bottled water.
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