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Posted: 11/20/2008 4:27:38 PM EDT
Look, I know everyone is all butt hurt over the recent election and how our republican so called leaders have failed us.

I get that, and I agree.

now to avoid all the future OMGWTFBBQ!!11!!1 threads in the future I will save you a little typing and some time and let you know what's is in store for the near and distant future of America and the world in general.

from my perspective of course, my crystal ball is in the shop.

First the short term.

Obama will do all of the things we fear he will do, but he is not the tip of the spear, he is a mouth piece, a spoksman if you will, being funded by very, VERY powerful and rich backers who now have the mouth piece in place to carry out their agenda.

which is the socialization of America and to bring it down on par with the rest of the world.

It's about money and position and power in the world for them. it's a game, nothing more. it's not personal, in fact they could not care one whit about if your family starves any more than if they care if a family in Africa starves. as long as they maintain their global status and power position.

Bill Clinton was the trial run, and while he did damage America, whether on not he succeeded was not important, it was a probe, to test the water.

But look who's being put back into positions of power under Obama? Hmmm.

So yes, America will finally experience the final push into socialism and your standard of living will change drastically, get over it. it's not in your hands and it's not really in the politicians hands, per-se.

Now I don't want to come off as a tin foiler conspiracy nut job. but if you look at the facts as they unfold, there is an under current that is pulling America in a direction and no matter what goes on on the surface we still head in the socialist direction, inch by inch.

so we will experience some small victories, and YES WE NEED TO KEEP FIGHTING, but just like death, we will get there.

so the short term is socialization, severely reduced standard of living compared to the past American way, but we will still exist as a country.

I don't like it, I hate it, but that's what's going to happen.

The long term, is the balance of power has always shifted throughout the history of the world.

For a time it was Spain, sometime it was England, Egypt held a lot of power at one time, as well as the Romans. the Germans held a lot of power for the known world for a time.

The balance of power is fluid and shifts, and America WILL lose the control of the world, will we get it back? not for many many generations.

And the whole wold will suffer, count on that.

What will hold it off? well, a well coordinated revolution would, but the Blood shed would be beyond the comprehension of most humans (Armageddon ?) and we all know we don't have the stomach for all of that as a country or as a human race. socially it has been bred out of us and in the free powers of the world. The barbarians however have plenty and are willing to use it.

While our military is the finest in the history of the world, if it is not employed by the government for good, it simply is a paper tiger. if the jets never fly, the tanks never roll, the ships never sail, what good are they?

And Obama will leave them idle in the docks as the world realigns it's power structure.

Your Guns?


He will regulate them to death, ban certain classes of weapons (assault weapons ban), and register handguns, and maybe even make YOU the felon/culpable person if you use it to defend yourself in your own home. Oh not directly, but by hook or crook you will be the one in the wrong or responsible, and either be financially ruined, or found guilty of "some violation of civil rights" and be either bankrupted from the court cost or fines or go to prison for a short time, 1-5 years, (which will accomplish the same thing).

But the kicker is he will get our ammo, probably through taxes of loaded ammo, or a Hazmat fee on primers and or powder. environmental restrictions on lead, and other administrative non-judicial ways of making ammo so prohibitively expensive that each round might as well be made of gold. just cheap enough to "hunt" with, but too expensive to shoot large volumes of ammo for training and fun.

Schools will continue their downward spiral, after all, what your children don't know they can't resist against. this is true for the entire world. there is a shift in information available to the general masses,and the way it is taught and or presented, sure a very few children will be home schooled, but they will be in such a minority they will not matter much or make much of a difference. the internet is here, but for how long ? and how can everything on it be trusted, disinformation is just as powerful as information. the lines have been drawn, the 51%ers have taken over. it's only a matter of time now.

Expect power grid interruptions and power rationing in the near future, as Green power solutions fall way short and environmental restrictions choke off the current power delivery/production capabilities commonly available.

The silver lining to all of this?

After every dark time a true leader emerges, someone or a group of someones get together, at great peril, and find a way to connect and inspire the masses to action.

this action may be bloodless, or it may not, it does seem that every major action of change involves bloodshed, but maybe this time it won't. it remains to be seen.

But know this (and you can stand down on the OMGWTFBBQ1!1!!1! posts) America will, as it must, go through it's dark time.

how long it lasts remains to be seen, but rest assured it will last well into your children's future and maybe your grandchildren's.

we all need to insulate ourselves and families as best we can from the hardships about to befall all of us, very few will be able to, but do the best you can, with broad range job skills, financial creativity, security mindfulness, and community support, as in networking with your friends and neighbors. A tall order in our fractured and isolated social framework these days. If we fail in this, our lives will be much harder and prolong the suffering. I think we can optimize our lives, but it's going to take a long period of adjustment.

All of this will be a result of GOVERNMENT interference. not GOVERNMENT assistance.

As the great Ronald Regan said, "government is not the solution to the problem, government IS the problem".

So brace yourselves Men and Ladies, it's going to be a bumpy and dark ride across an ocean seldom traveled, but we may get to safe harbor if a captain emerges and can guide us over these dark waters. but don't expect that captain to emerge any time soon, the world powers will see to that if they have anything to say about it. he will have to be forged out of our misery, and our frustration, that we will endure for a long period of time first.

this is not even taking into account religious beliefs, but may follow closely in the same manner. and the possibility of terrorist action/military involvements.

I'm just talking if we just go along unmolested by the rest of the world. an unlikely scenario at best.

Anyway, these are the observations of a middle aged police officer, who's taken the time to examine the evidence, looked at the possibilities, project the possibilities, conferred with my colleagues and peers, and come to a conclusion.

I could be very wrong, I hope and pray I am. I am afraid I am not.

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