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Posted: 5/2/2015 8:34:34 PM EDT
Alright I got my J-pole up, ran almost 80 feet of LMR coax, grounded coax before entering house and I went ahead and ran LMR into the house as there wasn't enough left of the 100 foot to do anything with and I just couldn't get the RG-58 pushed through the 1/2" hole I drilled in the house probably due to the old plaster lath that has been sheet rocked over or the old shingles that have been sided over.

Hooked up my HT and tried to hit the IRLP reflector. I can hit the repeater but when I listen to Echolink on the computer all I here from my transmission is static. I can here other people on the repeater with a little static back ground. What I am wondering after installing 4 PL-259 connectors is I might have got a little carried away with the solder on the first connector? I tested the coax for continuity and when I touch the inner wire and outer jacket on the PL-259 inside the house it shows I have continuity, mind you the antenna is still hooked up at the other end. So should I be getting continuity through the coax with the antenna hooked up or did I mess up the PL-259? My roof is a bear and everything is buttoned up tight so I want to make sure before I risk life and limb going back up on the roof and pulling down the mast.

Also on a side note I attached the J-Pole right to the chain link fence top rail mast, should I have insulated it from the mast? This seems to go both ways on the internet.

Thanks a bunch Jim S.
Link Posted: 5/2/2015 9:26:09 PM EDT
First, if you mounted the J-pole from the bottom as directed, it does not matter if grounded or not.  It is electrically at 0 volts.

Second, as far as DC continuity, both sides of a J-pole are connected, as are many baluns.  That you measure continuity
inside, with the coax connected to the J-pole is as it should be.  If it were open, you'd have a problem somewhere.

Now disconnect from the J-pole, and radio, measure with ohmmeter from center pin to shield, it should measure infinity.
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