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Posted: 7/21/2016 2:37:43 PM EDT
We purchased a 4000 nominal watt Champion genny with remote start based on recommendations from folks here last Spring or fall... Bought it on ebay -great value... Delivered in 3 days.

Just are getting around to putting it together and using it to get a feel how we should integrate it into the shipping container...

Got my SO interested/involved in it 2 weeks ago to put it into service because it's primarily for her to use to run the microwave to fix supper...

Instead of having to drag out the Honda EU2000 from the other container and set it up each trip, she liked the idea of the remote start and not having to do anything to save time.

So, she put it together last week then let it stagnate. A couple days ago I asked her to fuel it and start it and she ran it. Later in the day I noticed it disappeared from the barn and she had dragged it down to the container...

She had to figure how to use the remote start -easy- and has used it once last night to run the microwave.

It's sitting near where the Honda sat, because that's where the extension cord reaches.

Getting all set up, I had to call Champion Customer Service a couple times, for something we lost or misplaced and something we couldn't find.

Their service is AWESOME...

The techs are friendly and through and both times didn't charge me for the parts I needed.

My two calls were quickly taken, with minimal hold times.

I give them multiple thumbs up...  

I know Skibane and others have spoken highly of Champion's customer service and wanted to reinforce it.

Noise from the Champion vs. the Honda under the load of the microwave aren't too much different.

Last night when my SO was demonstrating the genny, I was surprised how quiet it was.

We haven't decided where to locate it...  I'm thinking inside the 2nd container with the exhaust plumbed to the outside, but am wary of gasoline leaks from the genny and potential fire, although there aren't any obvious ignition sources in there... Unless the genny is running...

Last year we buried --in several conduits, a multitude of wires between the containers.

Grounding between the containers is with 1/2 inch copper tubing as a conductor and a ground rod at each side. Distance is about 40 feet. The concern is lightning...

One set of wires is suited to carry 120 vac, IIRC, number 12

Other conductors are 2 LMR400 coax for antennas on top of that container to keep them out of the high RFI of the primary container with all the inverters, etc., various control signal cables for future use, 2 Ethernet cables, 2 wires from the solar panels on the storage container roof, and some others.

Now, I'm leaning to use some of the metal from the barn job to make a shelter and hang the genny on a platform from the side of the storage container, on the warm side, considering the winter and the foot or so of snow.

The genny is small and it wouldn't take much... Would be easy to service.

The genny remote start stop electronics seems sophisticated and it wouldn't take much to remote control it over an internet connection to charge batteries or whatever when the area is unattended. I'd monitor the genny with an IP camera with audio. Not in a hurry to do this because since we doubled the solar panels last fall, there hasn't been a shortage of juice at the container, even during bad wx.

An easily modified web power switch like the one below would do the job fine...

Any 12 volt battery can be used with it and a 12 x 12 inch solar panel could keep it topped off...

Link Posted: 7/23/2016 2:22:21 PM EDT

Don't put it inside.

Build a dog house for it

Link Posted: 8/1/2016 3:04:27 PM EDT
Went to add a small fuel filter [that I have found mostly ELIMINATES the bad gasoline issue/myth so many fall prey to]

So as to reduce the fine silica dust issue that eventually creates a noticeable sediment in the fuel and winds up 'Cementing' in the carb requiring disassembly and cleaning if the engine is not used for a couple months, etc.

I've posted here about installing a small filter in the Honda EU series previously.

Went to install a filter in the Champion today and had a bag of 4 filters purchased online.

I noticed there was a subtle rattle or movement inside one so I took it apart.

The orange filter 'cup element' was loose from where it should have been fastened, and would have provided essentially NO FILTERING of fuel.

ALL of the filters are the same way.

I would suggest anyone considering installing a filter from an unknown source, sacrifice one to examine its construction...

The ones from the Honda dealer are OK, those were in the pictures I posted.

Just checked ebay and there are tons of sellers selling the junky one with the yellow/orange filter media.


I'll in a moment, install a Honda sourced filter just past the fuel cock on the Champion.

Tonight I'll order a couple various filters off ebay to evaluate for stock.

Link Posted: 8/3/2016 1:16:48 AM EDT
Filter working fine so far...

Will be ordering additional filters to evaluate and tear apart tomorrow, hopefully...

Last night I installed a high altitude jet...  Pics and info soon...

Link Posted: 8/3/2016 12:38:37 PM EDT
Waiting to see your setup.....

I tried a filter on mine. It would not let enough flow thru and abandoned the idea.

What elevation are you calling 'high altitude'?
Mine seems to run fine at 5K but would be open to re-jetting.
Link Posted: 8/9/2016 2:57:12 PM EDT
Here's the installation of the new jet on the Champion...

The jet I got for this genny is rated at 5000 or 6000 feet on the installation brochure.

The jet diameter is marked on the jet in millimeters.  Typically for mine .8 or .85 mm. I checked it with small drill bits and vernier calipers...

Laying stuff out, working on the ground have to lie down, best to set genny on table.

Not all these tools are needed but having the right tool for the job is the mark of a Professanal...

A screwdriver to well fit the jet is a good idea so as not to mess it up...  Tighten only firmly ---this isn't where to prove manhood, wait til you can yank on the starter rope and break it to do that...

I loosened the EPA can for better access to the bottom of the carb.

The carb bowl and gasket are to the left of the wheel...

Bottom of carb with the bowl removed... The float is the white plastic thing...

Tightening or loosening the jet with a 3" flat screw driver adapter, and one of those wonderful combo ratchet/bit driver things  HD used to sell for $15, now available on ebay.

Reinstalling the carb bowl, the gasket is a pain, it didn't retain in the bottom of the carburetor  with the molded 'tabs' and leaked the first time I ran it. [Once the bowl filled up completely]

Took it apart and tightened again and was OK.

Don't over tighten...

Using the same bit driver 1/4" ratchet ---I keep one of these in my Miniaturized BO Tactical Toolkit... I need to post a pix of some day...

10mm socket...

Adding the filter is just a matter of cutting the fuel line where it leaves the tank about 1/2 way [verify ---as there are a couple lines] and inserting it.  Orient it per the arrow on the filter...

Link Posted: 8/10/2016 1:05:52 AM EDT
I ran into problems installing a fuel filter on one of my 1.5KW Champions.

The distance from the fuel tank to the carb is quite short, which makes it difficult to add a filter without kinking the hose.

Let me just say that kinking the hose isn't conducive to trouble-free operation...
Link Posted: 8/18/2016 8:06:50 PM EDT
Got in some filters from a US supplier and some imported one. Plus the Honda supplied one.

All are the tapered sintered 'bronze' type.

When shining light on the outside and inspecting the porousness of the metal by looking down the outlet...

The US mfg. one has more 'voids' than the imported ones. Don't have the Honda supplied one here to compare -if there's interest I will add it.

The imported one has the flow arrow backwards vs. any others of this type I've seen.

Both are robust, the ends are a little smaller in dia on the imported ones, than the US supplied one, about .27" vs. .33"

Personally, I'd go to a Honda dealer and buy a [hopefully] known good filter rather than playing roulette.

Blowing thru them, my gut feel is they are good to 10 HP at least.

Link Posted: 8/18/2016 9:06:39 PM EDT
Have you looked into an LP conversion?
Link Posted: 8/18/2016 9:50:53 PM EDT
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Have you looked into an LP conversion?
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Good question...

We're off grid and have propane, kero/ULS diesel, gasoline, and are heavy on solar, with multiple systems that can be reconfigured.

We use gasoline genny's maybe 15 minutes a day for running the microwave, that's all.  If the solar isn't putting out juice we have several diesel options for power and charging batteries.

SO cooks with a propane grill outside [20 pound tank] and uses a Coleman 1 pound propane stove in the container. Electricity is for [mostly] LED lighting and network cams and electronics and doesn't draw much power.  Forgot refrigeration and freezing, that's a major/large consumer... Of solar

A major battery failure would put a big crimp in the systems. Hmmm...

There's no reason to convert to propane ATM ---and I've looked into it extensively...    But haven't made the plunge. Mainly because we have gas and diesel gennys and propane is difficult/inconvenient to transport here. We have 2 120 gallon LP tanks, the largest I can transport legally.  One of the tanks is in service [see bear topic pictures] and it heats the shipping container when we AREN'T here in the cold months keeping it at ~40 degrees F.

That one get used ~50% each winter and then taken to refill. The other is stored as backup.

When we're here, we use a Toyotomi vented kero/ULS diesel heater in the highly insulated room in the barn, and one in the shipping container.

In fact we just turned both on this evening because it's gotten chilly up here. I was just commenting to my SO when I came to the container how cozy it felt.

If worse came to worse, I could rig up a manual  propane injector into the Honda and that would be a real PITA.

Re the propane conversion, I think it's a VERY good idea to have both propane and gas/diesel available for generators if for no other reason than the ability to backup if something unexpected happens to the various systems

---and I'll make a point to get kits to work with the Honda 2000's, probably next year, or sooner if Hillery is elected.  

Even having  a small amount of electricity in an emergency can help save the day and make things much more tolerable.

Incidentally, my SO just commented that she LOVES the little remote start Champion, when she's preparing supper.  

Thanks for the Champion recommendation last year, folks. Still need to put it in it's final location and shelter.

She just had to go out and chase a rabbit out of her 'flower' garden, right outside the door...  

Earlier she was burning in her burn barrel and there was one of those big Jakolope/skinny black tailed rabbit looking things watching her -she threw a rock at it and it left...

Strange year, never saw this sort of animal activity before...

Link Posted: 8/23/2016 1:32:31 PM EDT
Looked at the Honda supplied filter, shining a light into the body, blocking as much light as I can with my hand wrapped around the filter...

Looking into the outlet end with an eye loupe, there are no visible 'voids' in the sintered bronze.

Unlike the rest I've checked. [see above]

Don't know if the voids are big enough to let enough silica through to cement and build up in carb jets, I suspect the voids don't hurt, not sure...

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