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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 5/16/2012 9:11:57 AM EDT
Hey guys n gals
I just traded for a neat old Coleman 5000 watt generator , The guy i got it off of had used it for a whole home genny and it was only used a few times. It is old but it looks like its barely been used. It runs nice a quiite and smooth but with no electricity , I am new to generators so i read info on trouble shooting it and found the problem was in a broken winding in the Rotor , The part that spins and produces the charge and creates power. I figured it would be an easy fix but after talking to coleman about how to remove the rotor and stator , I followed the instruction and only had the rotor left to remove. Here is the messed up part , The lady from coleman said to tap the very end of the rotor and it will break free and slide off of the motor shaft , Ok i was thinking no problem , Well i tapped the very end of it and then turned and taped it again and instead of sliding off as expected the whole rotor fell to the ground and broke the plastic end off of the roter. I called them back and asked where i could get the little plastic piece that broke and they said i have to buy the whole rotor. Now i am stuck , Should i spend $250 shipped on a new rotor for my 1980s generator? The whole situation makes me sick to my stomach but hey you live and learn and this lesson was an expensive one.

Does anyone know of a good place to buy coleman parts cheap?
Here is my genny info
its a coleman power mate , 5000 watt , model pm54-5000
The lady at coleman told me the part # i needed was s0049620 but the only part #s i can find do not have the s so if you look it up you may need to remove the S.
Any help would be greatly appreciated , I have not had much luck online

take care
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