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Posted: 8/30/2015 5:01:34 PM EDT
Do you boil them between scalding and jarring?

The Bell book says to boil, but grandma says bullshit.

Link Posted: 8/30/2015 5:18:31 PM EDT
Boiling is a preheat. Takes less time to process, and is a little safer in a boiling water canner.  Probably less important in a pressure canner.  Got 80 qts in the basement this year, and waiting for the pressure cooker to cool on the last  of 14 qts of beans.
Link Posted: 8/30/2015 6:08:07 PM EDT

No pressure cooker.

Both Grandma and Bell say to process for forty minutes.

What do you do?

Link Posted: 8/31/2015 11:22:29 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/31/2015 11:23:03 AM EDT by GM_Muscle]
After scalding I pack into hot jars, add nearly boiling water, couple table spoons of Lemon juice, then process quart jars in water bath for 45 minutes.
Link Posted: 8/31/2015 11:38:00 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/31/2015 11:40:46 AM EDT by Stiles1410]
I pressure can and do hot pack first I boil tomatoes 30 seconds then dip in cool water

I do the tomatoes packed in own juice with no added water
Get skins off
Cut into quarters
Put a small amount into a big pot
Heat on a high setting and mash tomatoes in pot up into juice
Once boiling slowly add rest of tomatoes
Boil 5 minutes stirring constantly
Pack tomatoes in hot jars with citric acid
Add 1 tsp sugar
Add 1 tsp salt
Then process in canner

Nothing against grandmas way but tomato acidity has changed over the years and processing methods and times have changed I would go by the ball book
My parents did it the old way too but I want to be safe and not run the risk of botulism

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