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Posted: 5/1/2011 5:34:21 PM EDT
Its not always the world is ending or a major event , 99% of the time its about day to day trails...... yet again

Well this weekend me and my wife got invited to go camping with a friend at a local campground 15 minutes from the house . We get there and after getting the camper setup I preform my normal routine , cap off the 42 gal fresh water tank , fill my 5 5gal lci water jugs that stay in the camper ( I had used them to water some stuff in the yard when we left to rotate the water) , function check appliances , setup the porch area , cap off the lanterns and tiki torches . After that spent the evening doing normal camping stuff , next morning my friend came by and asked did we have any trouble with our water , told him I didnt know , checked 0 pressure on the campsite side . He said they no water at all at there campsite , I told him no problem , just use my water in the 5 gal jugs . He did and thanked me and returned them full from the front bathhouse . Little later we found out the main for our loop had busted so I loaned my 5 gal cans out so all the campers around be could fill their tanks . A few of them could not get the cans up to there fill so I them pulled out my spare 12 volt pump and rigged up my ham radio go box to power it to pump the cans out into there tanks .

By saturday evening every one had there fresh water tanks full and were very thankful , we got a free meal out of the deal and lots of offers for payment which we declined. We had a great time and the ones around us did too saturday minus about a 1hour of time for me and 30 minutes for each of my neighbors at the site , about 9pm they informed us there was going to be no water till monday . Sunday morning was a bit of a downer on the trip when my friend found his radios stolen off his pontoon boat , he thought he had heard something about 110 am ,apparently it was the sound of the radio box being pried off and cut loose . The rangers and local sheriff deputy came by and did a report and some basic questioning .After that every one started to pack up and head out .
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