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Posted: 3/28/2012 2:04:29 PM EDT
Hi all, I am currently looking at other ways to cook my food stores during a SHTF event. I currently have a volcano stove, brunton propane stove, backpacking stoves, and grill, with about 80lbs of propane, 100lbs charcoal, and some wood.

I recently purchased some Dietz hurricane lanterns and bought 10 gallons of kerosene to fuel these, and found a website today that sells an emergency kit (Items also sold separately on the site) which contains a double burner kerosene stove which puts out 7000 Btu per burner. I am looking at something that will work a little more long term than my limited propane stores and be more fuel efficient.

Does anyone have experience with these? Will they work fine to cook everyday meals on? I'm really interested in this product, it is sold by St Paul mercantile family emergency kit
Link Posted: 3/28/2012 5:39:21 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/28/2012 5:39:50 PM EDT by MPi-KMS-72]
I've never used them myself but that looks like a slightly modernized version of all the old time kerosene cookstoves I saw in Adirondack camps and some old farm houses when I was a kid. Once in a while you still run into them here and there.
Link Posted: 3/28/2012 5:46:15 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/28/2012 5:46:50 PM EDT by Sled_Dog]
That type of stove, though out of style in the U.S. is still used as the primary means of cooking in the Philippines and many areas in the third world. Reliable and inexpensive to operate, based on wicks. Some models have x number of wicks. Need more heat, raise more wicks, need less heat, lower some wicks.
Link Posted: 3/28/2012 9:24:51 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/28/2012 9:25:50 PM EDT by fisterkev]
I have their stove & oven combo, it works as advertised. I haven't used it much, but it is there if I need it. It resides at the BOL now.

Much of the world uses this type of cooking. It's a little different than what we're used to, but it works. Very efficient, too.
Link Posted: 3/28/2012 9:42:25 PM EDT

Have you got an MSR stove? Several of their stoves can be converted to Kero and Diesel with a replacement jet. I have one for my Whisperlite. I don't recall it being very expensive.
Link Posted: 3/29/2012 12:53:51 AM EDT
The stove looks similar to what my Amish buddy uses. Theres are the older style and look to be heavier than what is shown in the pictures. Theres works great.
Link Posted: 3/29/2012 2:09:39 AM EDT
thanks for the replies guys, this looks like it would be a good backup to my other methods of cooking. Ive pretty much got preps to cover me for 6 months and now looking to get to the one year mark. Im also looking at more back ups to my back ups. as for the MSR stove, I dont have an MSR one, I do have a coleman which uses the proprietary fuel, and a jet boil. I like the idea of being able to throw the oven on top and bake some bread and such.
Link Posted: 3/29/2012 4:06:33 AM EDT
here is one like I am used to seeing:

They used to be really really common, I think there were even some that looked like a modern range.
Link Posted: 3/30/2012 7:12:38 PM EDT
I use an Optimus nova. Kero coleman diesel gas and jet fuel on one jet. eBay one of the made in Sweden ones with the cejn connectors. I have one with the new cOnnectors but It was an early one so it's ok.
Link Posted: 3/31/2012 9:31:03 AM EDT
I have a couple of old perfection kero 2 burners. nice stoves. Not pressurized. They run on a big round wick. Plenty of heat. I tihnk I paid 20 at a junk shop for the 2 of them.
Link Posted: 3/31/2012 3:44:37 PM EDT
Where is everybody getting Kero these days? I can only find it out here in retail stores for about $20/2.5 gallons which I think is ridiculous.

Anybody getting jet fuel from their local airport?
Link Posted: 3/31/2012 6:19:01 PM EDT
i hava double burner, from st pauls merc.also the oven, and 3 lanterns. all work great, and like said here above 3rd worlders use this kind of stove each day forever.i think this type of cook stove is essential to have ready, and kerosene stored to fuel it.kero is $4.29 a gal in n/e ill, and i heat my home with 23k btu kero heater down to -20.
Link Posted: 3/31/2012 6:23:56 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Eyegun:
Where is everybody getting Kero these days? I can only find it out here in retail stores for about $20/2.5 gallons which I think is ridiculous.

Anybody getting jet fuel from their local airport?

Thankfully the Fed law prohibits selling fuel at airports except for planes.

There is a much simpler way I have posted for others many times.

Go to your bulk fuel supplier and they can dispense kero/jet fuel into a 5 gallon pail most will happily sell for ~$6.
Pail prices have gone up so don't procrastinate. Store on foam insul or wood allowing the bottoms to breath to extend their lives.

The fuel works great in our cookers, heaters and lamps.

Link Posted: 4/1/2012 7:31:25 PM EDT
I don't have one of those (yet), but John @ St. Paul Mercantile has always been super to work with for me.

Please post a review if you get the stove, or the whole kit.


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