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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/12/2010 4:00:52 AM EST
Im thinking of going out and getting a crossbow for deer hunting on my property I see all difffrent types ,recurve compound reverse limbs I was looking at a ten point from Cabellas (not inexpensive) any suggestions ?
Link Posted: 9/12/2010 4:13:38 AM EST
I run a Parker Cyclone Extreme. 175 pound draw. It shoots a bolt at 350 feet per sec. Fits me just like my AR.Warenty is lifetime. Also made in USA.
Link Posted: 9/12/2010 4:25:05 AM EST
I've had a Barnett Demon for years now.
I had a recurve before that and it seemed to
tire out after a couple of years.
I suggest a compound over a recurve.
They are stronger, usually less of a profile
and retain their strength longer IMO.
Link Posted: 9/13/2010 12:02:44 AM EST
I don't know much about crossbows but I will say, keep your thumb and fingers out of the path of that string. It can take them off! Best of luck in your hunt.
Link Posted: 9/14/2010 3:49:31 PM EST
I have 3 crossbows. A Horton 150 lb compound, an Excalibur Vixen 150 lb recurve and an Excalibur Equinox 225 lb recurve.

I shot two deer last year with crossbows, the Horton took one and the other with the Vixen.

I am pleased with the penetration of the Vixen. Complete pass through and the deer was dead by the time I got down from the tree. Both lungs.

The Horton I used a carbon bolt which shattered and the deer ran off and crawled under a brush pile. about 45 minutes later I search for it and was standing on the brush pile when the deer crawled out and ran. It fell down about 100 yards farther away and died. Arrow appeared to go through rib and puncture one lung and fell out broken. I think I will stick with aluminum arrows for hunting once I use up the carbon ones.

Using a rope cocker on all three crossbows, the Equinox is a bitch to cock due to weight and draw length but I am sure it will have good penetration. When I'm hunting I only have to cock it once anyway.

The Excalibur recurves are simple. No bow press needed to change the string, can be unstrung for year end storage and string replacement take a minute. Compound crossbow string and cable replacement is another thing.

I have scopes on all of mine and they are accurate as all get out. My brother has been hunting with a compound bow for years and we went out target shooting he with his bow and me with a crossbow and I could outshoot him from twice the distance all day long.

I bought all of my crossbows online, the Excaliburs from a dealer or two on ebay and saved over $100.00 that I would have paid from any other source. A couple of vendors who may have them on ebay are Poor Fish (?) and American Archery. I also buy most of my arrows from ebay vendors unless I pick some up at a local sports dealer who has decent prices.

Excalibur is highly recommended on many crossbow forums. Barnett may be cheap but most warn against buying from them due to problems and customer service with warranty issues.


Link Posted: 9/14/2010 5:23:24 PM EST
I have an excalibur as well. I do recommend them.

Tehy are not cheap. However, they do work very well. Having fired various others, including Browning, Horton, Barnett and others, I do prefer the excalibur. The trigger is smoother, lighter and cleaner on the Excalibur, making it more accurate for me.

There is one potential "issue" with crossbows. If they are not cocked correctly (the string center to one side or the other) it causes some horizontal stringing of shots. Either use the rope cocker, or be very careful to ensure the string is centered correctly when cocking. I do this by holding the string tightly against the main 'beam" with one hand on either side, and placing the thumb nails tight against the beam before sliding the string back and cocking.

While I can cock the 225lb Excaliburs, I do find it a bit more of a challenge to do so in the confines of a tree stand and while wearing cold weather clothing. I like the ease of manual cocking, and the 220lb versions are significantly easier to cock while still providing a TON of speed and power.

My excalibur is minute of beer can to over 40 yards. I recommend it.

Link Posted: 9/15/2010 1:03:40 AM EST
Concur with the Excalibur. With a couple of extra strings, it is good for life. Supposedly more accurate than the camed bows as well. A bit larger however.
Link Posted: 9/16/2010 2:53:29 AM EST
Thanks for the input was out yesterday at a local high end sporting goods store, they all seem to be pretty much on par with each other from what I can tell, sounds like you guys all like excaliber.
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