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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/7/2006 2:11:27 AM EST
i am thinking about selling my car and just riding a bicycle to and from work--15 miles each way so not a big deal. but immediately after figuring that part out i wondered how it is legal to go to the range. can i just put my locked boxes in a backpack and strap that on and legally pedal over there or would that require a ccw permit?
Link Posted: 1/7/2006 4:08:42 AM EST
With all the stuff I take to the range, I would be having back surgery after my first trip. But that is a really good question.
Link Posted: 1/7/2006 4:10:12 AM EST
Real good question , if you dont have your CCW why dont you go ahead and get it and save the headache . Because every LEO has a different understanding of the law.
Link Posted: 1/7/2006 5:19:53 AM EST
There has to be some provision for motorcycles that would cover bicycles also. But I agree with going ahead and getting your CCW.
Link Posted: 1/7/2006 5:58:11 AM EST
You need to read the appropriate VA statute:


In the section titled "Except as provided in subsection J1, this section shall not apply to:"

"3. Any regularly enrolled member of a target shooting organization who is at, or going to or from, an established shooting range, provided that the weapons are unloaded and securely wrapped while being transported;"

So yeah, you're protected under VA state law. Given that you said you'd be putting them into a backpack, I would guess you're not going to have a rifle case on the back of your bike, so we don't have to split hairs about this statute being only applicable (or not) to the transportation of handguns. The law makes no reference in this section to a vehicle or not, so car, bike, or walking, you're all good to go. After all, if not, how could you walk from your car to the range with a gun in a case without a permit, right? Of course, you could just open carry...
Link Posted: 1/7/2006 2:39:39 PM EST
i usually only take my 3 handguns with me to the range. i don't shoot my enfield much. but if i they are not loaded and locked in cases, would it be legal to have the ammo in the same bag. i guess it wouldn't be a bad idea to get paniers for my bike in order to save my back. and if i have ammo on one side of the bike and guns on the other that seems pretty legal to me.

as far as getting my ccw permit i just have no real need as i can open carry anywhere i go. it is company policy that i can't carry at work and it is a gray area for me to carry in the store even when i am not working but just doing my grocery shopping. and i never seem to have the time or money to take the class i would have to take--i work nights.
Link Posted: 1/7/2006 4:00:39 PM EST

Originally Posted By lansker:
... "3. Any regularly enrolled member of a target shooting organization ...

The words “regularly enrolled member” worry me a bit.

Still, I’d think locked up and unloaded would be adequate. It’s just that there’s really no way of making them inaccessible.

A letter to the state attorney general might be worth considering.

Alternatively, don’t draw attention to yourself and I doubt it’d ever be an issue anyway.
Link Posted: 1/7/2006 4:15:54 PM EST
The key word is "accessible". If a handgun is unloaded, with the empty magazine not inserted, and in a locked box, with the ammunition separate, then it's for the most part inaccessible. As an LEO, I would have no problem with someone without a CHP carrying a pistol or two like that. Make the gun safe, behave yourself, and get on your way.
Link Posted: 1/12/2006 12:14:18 PM EST
You can always strp the handguns on your belt and ride on. Virginia is an open carry state.
Link Posted: 1/12/2006 2:12:38 PM EST

Originally Posted By brickeyee:
You can always strp the handguns on your belt and ride on. Virginia is an open carry state.

i thought about that but i don't want to. i ride a road bike so being hunched over makes it hard to have stuff anywhere on one's belt. also that would get annoying with 2-3 pistols depending on which ones i am shooting that day.
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